Be Humorous

Have you ever experienced that you are talking to someone but he/she is not being convinced?

So, what should you do?

Should you state real life facts to gain the attention?

Should you pressurize your statements?

Should you provide false information?


  • I did the first one. People were not so interested in listening to facts.


Because people don’t accept facts when they are told by someone else. They let the facts inside their heads only when they see the applications of the facts. So, if you are going to state some facts, could be in market research or in any relationship matters, make sure you have the proofs which prove the existence of the facts.


  • I did the second one also. It’s like pushing what you want to say into someone else’s mind. Don’t try to do this. It would take your deals down. Humans have a very good tendency of avoiding everything. Even though if you say, that your laces are untied, they will definitely look down even at least once though they know the laces are tied properly. So, never try to push your words.


  • False information. Somewhere, this activity could be proven good but not always. Like, if you say something which is false but it is good for the person, you have to be saying it all the time. Because when you say it all the time, you are covering the fact with a blanket. People can only feel the blanket. They can’t feel what’s inside the blanket unless he/she knows better than you. That’s what advertisements do. They keep showing advertisements all the time and when a kid sees it, irrespective of the value, that kid wants it in his/her life. But parents know the value. That’s why they target kids, not parents.


So, what should you do?

I prefer a very simple method and it works most of the times.


Add funny things in your sayings. Because when people encounter things which give them even a slight smile, they get attracted. Sometimes, you have to make funny expressions, which you don’t like, but that’s okay. At least, they are attracted and paying attention.

Trust me, I’ve seen people who use this method but on a different level. They take it to the next level. They keep adding humorous spices every time in their talks. Result?

Too much humorous is injurious to health.

Ha. Just kidding. Too much humorous can’t kill you but it can kill your presentation.

So, my advice is

Be humorous as much as you need.

And the best way of becoming a humorous human is,

stay happy.


P.S. Feel free to correct me or give any suggestions. 



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A Scientific Inspiration

I had an exam today. The subject was Heat and Mass Transfer. This subject is really wonderful. Thermodynamics has always fascinated me. From entropy to temperature. But when it comes to equations, my brain stops functioning. Damn brain…

When I was writing the exam and there were many times when I didn’t know what to write and this is pretty normal for me, I found something. Something which is beyond the scope of the subject. Generally, they don’t ask about the contents which are beyond the scope of the book because those are the only things which make us think more and then they claim that the education system expands the horizon. Ha.

I found that most of the times we concentrate on what is there. Like that subject makes us read about the heat transfer. Heat travels from a body which is at a higher temperature than the other one. No doubt. Now, there is another side on which something is taking place. Coolness travels from a low-temperature body to a high-temperature body. Right? Yes, it is. And coolness is just an absence of heat. It makes me think that these are different. But they are not. Nobody has ever told me that.

Then I found another thing. Perspective. It’s about how you look at the objects. Ha. Got it. Like heat transfer, we encounter a number of problems which need our perspective. If you keep concluding that problems are there because of you, you would never enjoy their beauty. Yes, they are the part of your life, but not life.

So, stop worrying about the problems and face them because one day, you will get to know that you have greatness within yourself.

Fortunately, problems are an everyday part of our life. Consider this: If there were no problems, most of us would be unemployed.
– Zig Ziglar

And the most important thing is, develop the courage to think differently and do what others are not willing to.


Change the world.


And with this philosophy, I wrote the exam but examiners might not be thinking like me. I wonder if they do.


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Education Vs Intelligence

Get good marks, you will definitely get a good job. Your life will be settled and will become a lot easier. We feel it is true. Because we have been told like that almost every time. You go to school, you study there. You are told to secure top marks so that you will be among top 5 students. After all the efforts, you finally celebrate farewell. Impressive! Then you go to college like you are supposed to and repeat the same boring stuff that you’ve been doing. Have you ever wondered what your life will be after 5 years or 10 years? Have you ever thought that all credits you have secured will really help you to change the society?

Most of us are living in this way. We don’t realize the exact meaning of what we have got and what we have done. And this is not ours fault. Somebody is really setting up all these rules in the society. And the most important thing is, why are we listening to that person? I believe, somebody has changed the definition of education. Education is not about memorizing dates, numbers, figures, names, facts, etc. The system is ruining us. It is deceiving us. And the best part is, we are really paying for this. This system teaches us how to deal with the past. And fails to teach us how to capitalize the present and create a better future. Let me tell you something. Just because he or she can’t solve a couple of problems, doesn’t mean he or she is a dunce. Just because he or she is not among top 5 students, doesn’t mean he or she doesn’t possess any skill or skills. All of us have different skills. He can sing, she does paint, she swims, etc. Then why do they judge us just on the basis of some numbers?  We are really being taught to get success but we are not being taught to deal with failures. Just see around yourself, we have developed speed but we are not punctual. We are disciplined but not self-disciplined. We make money but fail to build character. We build skyscrapers but fail to know the hidden greatness within ourselves.

Education is supposed to inspire us to create things, to create machines, to create happiness and to lay a road for the welfare of the society. Yes, it is supposed to inspire us. But just ask yourself. Is it really doing this? If your answer is NO, then why are you paying? Are you working for any charity? We are living in a world where certificates dominate. Skills are not being paid well in all aspects.

Look, I’m not against any educational institution or any personality. I’m against the definition of education. We need to redefine it. We need to implement the correct meaning. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. once said, “The function of education is to teach one to think intensively and to think critically. Intelligence plus character, that is the goal of true education.”

More than grades, we need dreamers. 

More than course, we need ideas.

More than facts, we need thinkers.

And the day when we get to know the true meaning of education, a new calendar will be formed. Keep seeking for the true meaning of education. When you find it, feel it, believe in it and spread it.


P.S. I need opinions this time. I’m going through all these things. Things which can only be thought by small minds. But I truly believe, there are people who want to see the change. We will definitely bring the change. It takes time but it will be worth in the end. 


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Inspiration In The Metro

I was in the Metro and a question struck my soft brain.

What if I do good deeds all the time?

I’m a guy who doesn’t believe in impossible. But there are things that we should never care about. The activity of doing good deeds is one of them. I hear people saying, “Do good deeds and you will get good results.” DAMN! That’s not true. How can anyone do good deeds every time?

Here’s what I think. Doing good deeds will never teach you how to become a man of value. Because good deeds don’t possess messages. It is a wrong deed which helps us to improve ourselves. Now, some of you might say, “This guy is crazy. With the name of inspiration, he is saying to do wrong deeds.”

(Wrong deeds. Ha. I’m not on the side of wrong deeds. But I’m against those who do wrong deeds intentionally. Wrong deeds from my perception.)

Look. You have a good heart. You did something but it turned out wrong. Now, what would people say? “Man, you did a terrible thing.” In spite of looking at your intention, they judged you. Did you really do a wrong thing?

There is no deed which is good or wrong. It is our perception.

All I want to say is, have the courage to do whatever you want, irrespective of the opinions.

You can’t always win. But don’t be afraid of taking risks. People are there to criticize you. Let them do their business. You mind your own work. Keep doing deeds that you like and your destiny will regard you.

I want to write more but the station was reached and I was pushed out of the train. Humans…

P.S. Please correct me wherever I went wrong. I’m a human too. I make mistakes. Sometimes I emit non-directional thoughts but I believe, people would help me to refine what I think.


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Zero Naysayers

You can’t do it.

It’s not possible.

You can’t make it happen.

NO, NO and NO.

Nice! Pretty impressive because we are habitual to listen to these sort of statements from “some” sort of people around us. The question is, what do you do when you listen to these kinds of things which you must not listen to? Do you believe in them? Do you really trust their opinions of you? If you do, then there is a special announcement. YOU ARE NOT A HUMAN. Humans don’t do that. Sheep does. A sheep doesn’t plan, it doesn’t react, it follows the herd. But we don’t. We are students. We learn every day. We learn from positive and negative things around us. Everybody learns from positive things. No big deal. But I want you to focus on negative kinds of stuff around yourself. Yes, it is very true that you can learn from negative resources. This doesn’t mean that you are going to keep them with you.

The moment you wake up, you start seeing humans around yourself. The first human you see is YOU. So, if you really want to learn from negative things and keep them away as well, you should start from yourself. Find out the negative habits in you. Deeds that you have done, deeds that you are doing, deeds that you going to do. Filter them out. Put the good deeds on one side and bad deeds on the other. You can’t change what you have done. But if you learn from them, you can control your future deeds. Get the things into a right direction that you have done wrong. Perish all your negativity. Crumble them. And start a fresh day with full of positivity.

Now, look at the people (the major resource) around yourself. Look at their actions and words. They will give you an impression of theirs “true” identity, which they don’t see but you do. Look at those people whom you meet with every day, whom you spend most of your working hours with. They matter. Filter them out. Take out the energy drainers from the list and toss them out. Kick them out of your life. Just shout “LEAVE ME”….. They were malfunctioned. Their opinions of you were soulless and meaningless.

Always remember, you are not under their control. You are free from almost every negative pieces of stuff. Wait, did I mention the word ALMOST? Yes. Because, right now when you are reading this, you are questioning, am I really free from these kinds of stuff? Ha. Self-doubt. Self-doubt kills ideas. It can paralyze you. It holds you back from doing something great. You have to kill it. No escape route. There are many weapons that you can use. But I recommend only one thing. It is called belief system. You must have a concrete belief system that can shake the ground of self-doubt. You must say that I CAN and I WILL. It takes time but it will happen.

So, when you start doing this filtration, you may not get results immediately. Because it is a never ending process. Goi Nasu said,

“An entire sea of water can’t sink a ship unless it gets inside the ship. Similarly, the negativity of the world can’t put you down unless you allow it to get inside you.”


You will become better than your yesterday and you will be able to keep all the things away that distract you.

At last, this is for you.

Being like a naysayer is the recipe for disaster.


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The Best Feeling…

Most of us have been searching for the best feeling in this world. But, most of us fail to find that feeling. Is it so difficult? You get the promotion, you celebrate for some time. You get passed the tests, you get a big smile on your face but for some time. You buy a super car, you feel like heaven for a pretty long time but it is limited, right? Isn’t there anything which makes us happy for eternity?

You go to school, you do activities which make you feel good. Then college, some activities which make you comfortable. Job, the same thing happens. Sometimes you get bad experiences and sometimes good. Doesn’t matter, if you have bad experiences. One good experience can compensate 10 bad experiences, right? But still, we seek for a feeling which not only makes us happy, which also sustain for a long duration. People say, “Pain is temporary.” But, what about that feeling? Feeling that you have been searching, which you believe can live forever in your heart.

There are many ways to get the feel of that ‘feeling’. But what I found is work. When you do amazing things in your life, which make people happy and more comfortable, they appreciate. They appreciate what you do because your products of struggle bring changes to their life. That’s what they want. The transformation from an old thing to an exciting new thing. I keep this beautiful thing in my heart. I carry it wherever I go. I see it, I feel it and believe in it. I nourish this feeling and live with it. It inspires me to create more amazing things. Pushes me to work more efficiently. I fail in most of the cases. But it’s fine. It’s always there to help me. But the best thing is, you can give this feeling to others also. And when you give it, you will see an amazing living being inside that person. It clears out all the nasty feelings and gives a way to go further. It’s just a feeling. Just a feeling.

I’m happy that people have watched and appreciated my work. That’s why I’m doing it.

– Joel Kinnaman

Appreciate what you have and what others give you.


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Is Hard Work An Illusion?

Most of the times I hear people saying that the hard work pays off. It really does. There is no greater satisfaction than knowing that your hard work worked out. Can I ask you one thing?

Was that the hard work which made the thing happened? Or was it something else?

Allow me to put this in this way…

Imagine you are working in an area which you are not specialized in. But you are being paid a handsome amount. Since you don’t know much about that thing, you will definitely not put your sincere efforts onto it. Right? If yes, then you would not like to show love toward that work because you are not specialized in that field. So, no love means no effort which ultimately results in no production.

Now, imagine you are doing a work which you know better than others. But you are not being paid up to your expectations. But you love that work. Now, what would be the result? Of course. You would definitely put your sincere efforts which can take you one level higher. Obviously. No big deal.    

Now, what was the common thing in those two scenarios? Yes. It was neither money nor the work. It was only YOU. You chose what to do with your life. If you had chosen the first one where you were being paid good with zero attachment to your work, you would have ended up like a zombie (I hate zombies). No love for your work.

It’s very simple. There is nothing like hard work. It is love. Love gives birth to hard work which is just a virtual child of your efforts. Love is real. Even people who terrorize others do put efforts or hard work in their jobs. But those jobs are unforgivable. In this case, do you really think hard work takes them to become great? No… Never. There is one more thing which supports the love. Direction. Love with a good direction will lead you to success. Direction decides the destination and fortunately, vice versa is not possible. Hard work will be everywhere whether you choose a wrong or right path. But the true love will always lead you to a right direction.

Ignite that love.

Follow the direction it shows.

Live the way you dream.


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