My Heroes

When I look at myself every time, I find people who help and helped me to reshape my thoughts and actions. They helped me when I was down. Some of them, they still help me from a large distance, some of them help me by their actions because they are not present on this planet. No matter what they did, they push me every time. Continue reading “My Heroes”


The Factor Which Defines Your Character

I was almost done with my diet shopping and was paying the bill. I happened to see two girls arguing with a staff in the store. Actually, external bags are not allowed in that store, for obvious reasons. Even if you carry, you just keep it aside in a specified place. It was there. I kept mine there. So, let’s get to the main thing. One of them was just checking out a product which they took out from the refrigerator and she was carrying a bag. She wasn’t allowed to and a staff did interrupt her. She told that she wasn’t going to buy anything as she was just seeing something. Staff told her politely that she could do all this but first, she must have kept her bag there. She started an argument. Then more arguments. I got out of the store.   Continue reading “The Factor Which Defines Your Character”

I Adore All Of You

Dear haters,

I would like to thank all of you for being shits. When I do something and you see me as NUTS, I feel super awesome because it signifies that I’m doing the right thing. When you consider me as a stupid, I try to make sure that you see me as a STUPID from your heart with full of feelings. Continue reading “I Adore All Of You”

The Flashback Happened

I took a couple of days off. Did nothing. Absolutely nothing. My work was failing. It was falling apart. So, I decided to take some rest. And taking rest is boredom for me. It’s a fear. But this fear led me somewhere else. This fear made me look back at my life again. So, I … Continue reading The Flashback Happened

What Do You Want?

People often ask you about your plans. Some of them may ask you about the things you have done, some of them ask you about the things you are doing and some are like… “Hey, kid. What are you going to do in the next month?” That’s a human nature. We ask about others, irrespective … Continue reading What Do You Want?