Be Humorous

Have you ever experienced that you are talking to someone but he/she is not being convinced?

So, what should you do?

Should you state real life facts to gain the attention?

Should you pressurize your statements?

Should you provide false information?


  • I did the first one. People were not so interested in listening to facts.


Because people don’t accept facts when they are told by someone else. They let the facts inside their heads only when they see the applications of the facts. So, if you are going to state some facts, could be in market research or in any relationship matters, make sure you have the proofs which prove the existence of the facts.


  • I did the second one also. It’s like pushing what you want to say into someone else’s mind. Don’t try to do this. It would take your deals down. Humans have a very good tendency of avoiding everything. Even though if you say, that your laces are untied, they will definitely look down even at least once though they know the laces are tied properly. So, never try to push your words.


  • False information. Somewhere, this activity could be proven good but not always. Like, if you say something which is false but it is good for the person, you have to be saying it all the time. Because when you say it all the time, you are covering the fact with a blanket. People can only feel the blanket. They can’t feel what’s inside the blanket unless he/she knows better than you. That’s what advertisements do. They keep showing advertisements all the time and when a kid sees it, irrespective of the value, that kid wants it in his/her life. But parents know the value. That’s why they target kids, not parents.


So, what should you do?

I prefer a very simple method and it works most of the times.


Add funny things in your sayings. Because when people encounter things which give them even a slight smile, they get attracted. Sometimes, you have to make funny expressions, which you don’t like, but that’s okay. At least, they are attracted and paying attention.

Trust me, I’ve seen people who use this method but on a different level. They take it to the next level. They keep adding humorous spices every time in their talks. Result?

Too much humorous is injurious to health.

Ha. Just kidding. Too much humorous can’t kill you but it can kill your presentation.

So, my advice is

Be humorous as much as you need.

And the best way of becoming a humorous human is,

stay happy.


P.S. Feel free to correct me or give any suggestions. 



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Where Should I Look For Happiness?

No wonder, this is the month of exams. I’m having my semester end exams which I really don’t care about. They make us sit for three hours in the examination hall and the worst thing is its ambiance. Chill. I don’t talk about it. It just makes me sick. While preparing for the next exam in a very low pace, I peeked out and saw the sunlight reflecting the canopy of the tree and the Tyndall effect inspired me to stop my preparation. I saw two crows were fighting for a piece of food and that was just amazing.

I thought about something else and found that there is no way to find happiness. Can I say something? If you care about people around you, then you would definitely do what makes them happy and ultimately you will be happy as well. No doubt. I see people searching for happiness in different things. Either it could be a job or a car. Yes, you will be happy if you ride a supercar. However, that happiness would only be for some time as long as you pour fuel into your car. If you get a good job, still happiness exists for some time as long as you have the job. So, where should I look for an eternal happiness?

Personally speaking, I found my happiness in humans. They are only ones whom I care about. Humanity is my priority. I see them as humans and love them like a human does. I think I found my happiness in people. Look up. What do you see? Sky? Clouds are hovering up there. Chill. You can’t work for clouds. Mankind is the nature. Humanity is the religion. And the most important thing is your work is the worship to sustain the religion, humanity. I chose my path. It could be anything. Make sure whatever you do, it will make this world wonderful. And if you truly believe that, you would definitely make it happen. Yes, there is going to be a lot of setbacks or failures, but who said that it is easy to make someone else’s life better? If it was, then this world would be packed with full of dedicated humans.

Change yourself. Love yourself so that you can love other people.

Live fully.


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Inspiration In The Metro

I was in the Metro and a question struck my soft brain.

What if I do good deeds all the time?

I’m a guy who doesn’t believe in impossible. But there are things that we should never care about. The activity of doing good deeds is one of them. I hear people saying, “Do good deeds and you will get good results.” DAMN! That’s not true. How can anyone do good deeds every time?

Here’s what I think. Doing good deeds will never teach you how to become a man of value. Because good deeds don’t possess messages. It is a wrong deed which helps us to improve ourselves. Now, some of you might say, “This guy is crazy. With the name of inspiration, he is saying to do wrong deeds.”

(Wrong deeds. Ha. I’m not on the side of wrong deeds. But I’m against those who do wrong deeds intentionally. Wrong deeds from my perception.)

Look. You have a good heart. You did something but it turned out wrong. Now, what would people say? “Man, you did a terrible thing.” In spite of looking at your intention, they judged you. Did you really do a wrong thing?

There is no deed which is good or wrong. It is our perception.

All I want to say is, have the courage to do whatever you want, irrespective of the opinions.

You can’t always win. But don’t be afraid of taking risks. People are there to criticize you. Let them do their business. You mind your own work. Keep doing deeds that you like and your destiny will regard you.

I want to write more but the station was reached and I was pushed out of the train. Humans…

P.S. Please correct me wherever I went wrong. I’m a human too. I make mistakes. Sometimes I emit non-directional thoughts but I believe, people would help me to refine what I think.


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Is Hard Work An Illusion?

Most of the times I hear people saying that the hard work pays off. It really does. There is no greater satisfaction than knowing that your hard work worked out. Can I ask you one thing?

Was that the hard work which made the thing happened? Or was it something else?

Allow me to put this in this way…

Imagine you are working in an area which you are not specialized in. But you are being paid a handsome amount. Since you don’t know much about that thing, you will definitely not put your sincere efforts onto it. Right? If yes, then you would not like to show love toward that work because you are not specialized in that field. So, no love means no effort which ultimately results in no production.

Now, imagine you are doing a work which you know better than others. But you are not being paid up to your expectations. But you love that work. Now, what would be the result? Of course. You would definitely put your sincere efforts which can take you one level higher. Obviously. No big deal.    

Now, what was the common thing in those two scenarios? Yes. It was neither money nor the work. It was only YOU. You chose what to do with your life. If you had chosen the first one where you were being paid good with zero attachment to your work, you would have ended up like a zombie (I hate zombies). No love for your work.

It’s very simple. There is nothing like hard work. It is love. Love gives birth to hard work which is just a virtual child of your efforts. Love is real. Even people who terrorize others do put efforts or hard work in their jobs. But those jobs are unforgivable. In this case, do you really think hard work takes them to become great? No… Never. There is one more thing which supports the love. Direction. Love with a good direction will lead you to success. Direction decides the destination and fortunately, vice versa is not possible. Hard work will be everywhere whether you choose a wrong or right path. But the true love will always lead you to a right direction.

Ignite that love.

Follow the direction it shows.

Live the way you dream.


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The 2:1 Ratio…

I’ve seen people who claim that they would make anything happen. They claim. Ha. Claim. They say what they are going to do. They start boasting. The very good shit that they possess. They talk about their work. Work that they feel good. Ha…

There is no harm in talking about the work you love. Everybody loves to do that. But it doesn’t feel awesome when you talk about what you are going to do. I’m not talking about the plans. Talking about the plans is very good thing. I’m talking about useless talking. They talk. A lot. Really. They don’t want to show. They don’t care about the proof. They make false promises. Finally, they start working. Then they find that they are not up to the mark. They are not working efficiently. Then they remember the statements that they made. False statements. Trust me, I find these sort of people almost every day and everywhere.

Genuinely speaking, talking is a useless activity if you are going to start something. It becomes useful when you put your talking effort into the work. Like, making people aware of what change you are going to make. And always make sure, do what you said. No one will pay attention if you don’t do what you said. Failing is okay but not trying anything is not acceptable. This is a really good activity. But I strongly recommend, don’t just go around waffling and expecting positive feedbacks from others.

If you have an ability to prove yourself, then why do you talk?

Great people aren’t talkative. They are great listeners. Listening is that recipe which can make pleasant conversations. Because when you hear that person means you are hearing his/her interests. And remember,

Knowing someone’s interests is the great weapon to conquer that person’s heart.

And of course,

We have two ears and one tongue so that we would listen more and talk less.


So, you know what to do now.



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What Do You Want?

People often ask you about your plans. Some of them may ask you about the things you have done, some of them ask you about the things you are doing and some are like… “Hey, kid. What are you going to do in the next month?”

That’s a human nature. We ask about others, irrespective of seeing ourselves in the mirror. But there is something that I’ve found. I’ve seen people going after the things which they have been told by others. There is no need of providing scenarios. Go out and ask about them. They may seem happy at the first time, but they are dying from inside. They could have chosen the path on which they wanted to go, but somehow they fell into the cave. A cave which is ‘carved beautifully’  by other people who told them to do what they liked. This cave doesn’t have an ending. It goes nowhere. Just because who haven’t decided what you really need to do doesn’t mean you need to allow others to tell you what you need to do. There is a heart which is beating for you only. Some people are fortunate. Their dreams are synced with the thoughts of others. And that’s really good. At least, they have got people to push them when they feel down. But most of us are not so fortunate. And this is where we hit ourselves with a brick. Things happen gradually.

Always remember, Colonel Sanders (founder of KFC) was ready to commit suicide at the age of 65. But he kept going. He was turned down one-thousand and nine times before his chicken was once accepted. He didn’t give up. At the age of 88, he was a billionaire.

Now, somebody would say that money is not the thing to measure the success. Fine. Let’s have a look at him. Abraham Lincoln. He was demoted in the army. His businesses failed and lost presidential elections 8 times. But still, he is regarded as one of the greatest presidents in the history of the US.

Look. It is not so hard. Do have a conversation with yourself. Keep searching for what you really want to do. Because it is your ship and no one else can navigate the ship but you. Always remember that you have the courage to fight. Fight for the things that you deserve. Never care about the things what others care about. That’s not your business. I’ll leave you with this…

Steve Jobs  “When you grow up you tend to get told that the world is the way it is and your life is just to live your life inside the world. Try not to bash into the walls too much. Try to have a nice family life, have fun, save a little money. That’s a very limited life. Life can be much broader once you discover one simple fact: Everything around you that you call life was made up by people that were no smarter than you. And you can change it, you can influence it… Once you learn that, you’ll never be the same again.”

― Steve Jobs



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A Lesson

Many of us are experiencing problems. We might have made wrong decisions, might have got into a relationship which is not good, might have lost shares, might have failed in doing something great, etc. That doesn’t matter. It happens with everyone. Purely natural thing. The thing is, what you do during these moments. How you use your pain will decide what sort of pain you can handle. But, let’s not think about the pain. There are many kinds of stuff which can tell you what to do in those sort of moments. After the exams (SHITS), I was having a cool shower and a thing showed up. Allow me to share what I got in the bathroom. Ha.

I was thinking of black holes. Ha. Damn awesome, no? Then all of a sudden Cygnus X-1 came to me, and said, “Humans consider me a product of mass destruction. Yes, it is really true that I destroy the things which come in my way doesn’t mean I want destruction. This is in my nature, Shubham. But why don’t humans understand that?

I asked, “Can you tell me your real problem?”

It said in a heavy tone, “Humans have lost their abilities to see good sides. Everything has got two sides. Even you have, I have, he has and she has. The knife which is lying on the table does have. It doesn’t matter what sides you have, but which side dominates it matters. Let me tell you something. Let me connect myself to a thing which we don’t want in our lives. That is called PAIN. We are very similar. See, the closer you get to me, slower the time runs. Similarly, the more problems you get, the more they take the time to go away (we feel). Isn’t it true, Shubham?

I said, “Yes. It is.”

Then he said, “It is impossible to sense and see me. Yes. You can’t even see the pain. But humans claim they can feel the pain. Meaningless. They feel the consequences of the pain. Not the real pain. So, you feel the things that you do when you get the pain. Yes. Indeed.

I said, “Even I thought like that. Thanks. You opened my eyes.”

It chuckled and said, “That’s why you are just a human. Ha. Fine. No big deal. One more thing. My brother resides in your galaxy. Its name is Sagittarius A. You know what, it is necessary to have a black hole in every galaxy. We anchor galaxies. Similarly, pain is necessary for your life. It clears out the old negative thoughts and gives you the courage to deal with bigger pains. It develops you. It is the armor. And it is bulletproof.”

I was amazed by the conversation. I had never seen a black hole talking, especially to a human. Ha.

Then he said, “What has happened to you?”

I replied, “Yes. You are true. You are very similar to the pain. Pain has two sides. The most important thing is, what side we choose to focus on. That’s going to do decide, whether it becomes our ally or an enemy. Indeed. Thank you for spending time with me.”

It said, “Silly human, I haven’t spent time with you. You are standing near to me. Time slows down. You are nearly frozen.”

I said, “Ha. I almost forgot that and…”

It interrupted me and said, “You are on the event horizon. No one escapes from here. Not even the light. But this time, I’m sparing you. Live your life. Make correct decisions. And the most important thing is, whatever you do, make sure it will make the world better.”

I didn’t say anything and it went away the way it came from nowhere and left a true message.  Thanks to it.

Live fully.


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