An Inspiring God of Death

I had an exam today which didn’t go so well and that’s normal. Who is caring? So, I came back with a damn big smile on my face because it was the last exam of the semester. I watched a movie and headed for the gym as always I always do.

(Story starts now)

When I was crossing the road, my focus got shifted and I didn’t notice a speeding Ferrari F430 heading toward me. By the way, F430 had reinforced carbon disc brakes (inspired by my favorite jet airliner, Concorde). But those brakes didn’t stop the car at the right time. I was hit. And I went black. When I opened my eyes, I found myself on a different planet. It was same as the planet I was born on but the things were changed. I had a letter with me which was a proof of my death and it had an appointment date. The appointment was with the GOD of DEATH. So, I went there. The only thing which I found familiar was, humans. Humans who were died, their souls were wandering there. Unemployed damn souls!

So, I met the God of Death. He was the boss. He looked so ugly, that I was about to puke over him. Let’s not describe him because anyway, all of us will meet him one day. He didn’t say anything. I was given a certificate which was a proof that I was a part of the system. The death system. I belonged to that planet. So, I was told to start my life again but there only. I got out of the headquarter because of him.

I was just going, looking at everyone and thinking about myself. I didn’t find anything interesting there. The planet was like the planet earth.

Over population of souls.

Corruption. Even dead souls of corrupted humans didn’t leave their shits.

The scarcity of food.


Sins. Murders.

Climate change.

You tell me, how was I supposed to start a fresh life there?

I rushed toward the headquarter and forcefully entered his cabin. The God of Death knew that I was coming. So, he put perfume so that I would not puke on him. I requested him to give another chance to live my life again on my own planet. He thought for some minutes then he permitted me to do what I wished. But before I left the room, he interrupted me and said, “You are going to have a new life. But this time only one. You will have only one life to live. So, live it in such a way that it will affect this dimension also. So that, when you come back here again, you will not find what you are seeing here now. Go, live your life fully and do what you love. Make sure, you will do good deeds. Dismissed.”

I didn’t expect that the God of Death was inspirational. I got the life again. I opened my eyes and found myself lying on the road near the Ferrari F340 and people were looking at me as it was like I’m an alien.


Humans. All of you have been through that dimension once. You were not satisfied there. That’s why he sent you here again to rewrite the story. But this time, you have only one chance. You are left with only one life. Make the best use of it. As he said, do good deeds so that you can purify your soul and when you get back there you will find a changed world.


P.S. Get an anti-odor face mask while meeting the God of Death. He put the perfume when I was there but he may not do it for you next time.


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I opened my eyes in front of them. They were villagers. They seemed happy to see me. It was all blur at the start but later I started getting clear visions. One of them came to me and said, “You were in a coma for 5 months. How are you feeling now?” I said only one word, “Lost…” That really made sense. I knew my name but didn’t know where I came from. I didn’t know about my parents and they didn’t get anything related to my background. So, I was like a clean slate. I was lost. But gained my health quickly because of them.

One day, one of them told me, “I saw you years ago. As far as I can recall now, you used to be a businessman. I didn’t know about your organization but you had a pretty good life.” I asked, “So, I was a businessman, right?” He said, “Oh, yes.” I could see his skeptical expression but I didn’t have anything to believe in. So, I trusted him. I decided to leave the village and go back to the city to do something for the living.

I went to the city, carrying a belief that I was a good businessman. It was pretty hard to get even a small job but somehow I was lucky to get a job as a salesman in a small shop which would sell flowers and didn’t have any chains. I was happy. The payment wasn’t enough but I knew that I could raise it since I was a businessman. So, I started out selling flowers.

The first two weeks went very horrible. Not even a single customer. I was stressed. The owner wasn’t happy with me. But he was very gentle. He gave me some time to gain what I had lost. I started looking at successful restaurants nearby. Learned their ways of treatment. I knew I lost everything but I still had a soul of a businessman. I practiced what I learned. I started being politer and started mixing small pieces of humor in every talk. The result was great. I started getting customers. After a couple of months, the owner gave me the responsibility to handle the shop independently. I accepted his offer.

After a couple of years, I grew the business. I transformed the small shop into a big building which would sell flowers only. I became pretty famous in my state. But fate had something else to show me. One night when I was in the building, two old people showed up. They claimed to be my parents. I was shocked. They had every evidence. From photographs to my passport. But there was something more than evidence. It was an attachment. I didn’t know them but my heart knew them very well. So, I went with them to see my home.

I reached there. They told me to see my room. It was upstairs. The house was full of photographs which were proving that I was the member of the house. So, I opened my room’s door. I found many things which took my breath. I was frozen. My mind wasn’t working and my heart didn’t want to believe in the reality. My dad approached my right ear and whispered. He said, “Yes son. You used to be a painter.”

Mindset. It showed that if you believe in what you want to become, you will become that person.

Mind is like a software. Make sure you would code it correctly.

Visualize the person you want to become. Make a mental blueprint and pour everything it takes to become that person. It is going to be hard. But nobody cares. People don’t care about the person you are right now. They care about the person you want to become. Because humans are afraid of future. They want right people in their lives. There are people who are struggling to become what they have always wanted to become. Who are you and what are you waiting for?

Write your story and leave your mark because you have only one life.


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An Unexpected Lesson

I woke up under the blanket of the dark night. There was no one there. I could see almost all the stars in the black sky, billions of them were there. It was like a dark room with small glowing dots and in the middle of the room, I was lying on the floor. But that wasn’t any sort of room. It was our planet. I could feel the air in my lungs because it was so pure. There was no sign of any human. No light. No sound. The breeze was pretty cool. All of a sudden, I felt that I was wearing nothing but some dried leaves which were just enough to cover my private parts. I was shocked. I stood up and started going somewhere. It was very difficult for me to walk on the surface with bare feet. But I did gradually. As I was going, I saw a small dot coming up from the horizon. It was the sun. After some time, morning cherished my soul. But my mind was untouched. I was scared.

I found a sign of life. I found some sound coming from a cave. I followed the source. The thing I found was way beyond my imagination. Humans. Yes, humans. But unlike me. I could hardly distinguish them from chimps. They were dressed in the same fashion. Since I was scared but the very first thing I did was, I laughed at them. They were looking so funny. I asked, “Hey funny humans. Now tell me, what is happening? Where am I?” They stared at me and did nothing. I asked again. No response. DAMN! I looked around them. They didn’t have any resources. Not even the fire. Wait. I found some small kids were eating something. It was a liver of an animal. A raw liver. Then my super intelligent brain told me, “Shubham, there is no fire. You somehow got into the age before the fire was invented. And don’t try to please them. They don’t know your language. And there is no wheel. So, don’t expect anything more.”

Those people were looking at me because I was an alien who was dressed with leaves. But they were kind-hearted. They welcomed me. Their hospitality really touched me. I was offered with some raw pieces of some animal which I didn’t know. I ate. I puked later but I did.

Days started passing. I wasn’t happy because I came from a generation which thought of colonizing other planets and this generation didn’t even cover their private parts properly. So, I kept quiet because I was ready to be killed by something. I started noticing one thing. The most important thing. And that was… They would wake up every morning and would go for hunting. That was the only purpose. Nothing more than that. Really, I was seeing people not even people, humanity which didn’t have any purpose. I realized the real meaning of finding the purpose. Yes, it was not their fault. They were not evolved.

After a couple of days, I was taken on a hunt. Since their instincts were at the peak and I was not customary to hunt, I got myself in front of a big beast unknowingly. DAMN! They didn’t want me to hunt down that beast but I was ready to show off my unskilled skills. Long and curved tusks were coming out of it and were trying to touch my soul. I was pumped up with a desire to take it down. Come on, I was a guy who never gave up in his time. So, carrying that spirit of not giving up and accepting all the challenges, I jumped on it. Unfortunately, it was my last jump.

But, but, but. My soul got something.

What if we don’t work?

What if we wake up every day and don’t do anything?

What if we stop inventing and discovering new and exciting things?

What if we stop seeking for purpose of our lives and live for nothing?

Then you would see the world which I did.

Understand your motives. Cultivate them. Nurture them and grow them. You have been given a gift which is called life. Don’t waste it.

So, what are you going to do?

P.S. Personally speaking, the most difficult task was to change the leaves every time they dried and seek for fresh and suitable leaves.


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I Met The Creator : Chapter 2


It said, “Because we created humans for the welfare of this planet. To maintain peace and love. To take care of each other. But the system has been changed. You are not allowed to play with the system. Only we can do that. We have been watching you for centuries. Rage, hatred, revenge and a wrong desire to supersede each other have nested your poor minds. It was not a fault in our creation. We could have controlled you like you control machines but we didn’t. We had given you the ability of self-learning but the time has come. There is no need of human existence on this planet. From climate change to overpopulation, from the killing of animals to corruption, from stress to depression, from criticism to molestation. This is not what we created. You have left with only one option. Either you change everything or face the mass extinction.” I was a bit scared. It was talking about the mass extinction. The last and the worst nightmare. I showed concern (what could I have done?) and asked, “Wait. Think positive, sir. There is no need to take that big step. Just think again.” It said, “We did a number of times. And by the way, it is not a big thing for us to erase your species. It will take 27.345 seconds to erase human beings. We are prepared. Waiting for the right time.”

I said, “Hold on. What if we set everything back like it was before?” It chuckled and said, “Great. Even we can do it in 27.345 seconds. Why do you want to work in your last moments?”

(Frankly speaking, I was not scared. I was just showing respect by making tensed facial expressions. I’ve got too much brain. Right? You can buy some part of it. 1 Billion bucks per gram. Available in Amazon and eBay also. T&C apply.)

So, with my intelligent brain, I asked, “Fine. We will take care of it. We will make this planet a better place to live.” It said, “Look. We don’t want any harm. We are not stopping you from creating more things or colonizing other planets. We would be happy if you do more. But we must stick to our core. The core of human creation says that humans are engineered for love and peace. Yes, defects are there but don’t let the defects rule the good ones. We are here to tackle with the defective ones. The core program that we programmed in your genes tells that the consequences will be based on your deeds. That was the only thing that we programmed. No one can change that. Not even us. So, have you decided anything?”

I was amazed and said, “Of course. I’ll do and…” And it went away with a page which was cut out from my notebook by it without my knowledge (shameless creature).

It wrote these lines…

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If humans will not change what they are doing wrong, then we will replace humans with our better creations. And you (Shubham Paul) will be the first human to be washed out. Live cautiously.

(Translated by my ‘super intelligent’ brain)


I took the challenge. Let’s make this world a better place. Let’s restore the humanity again. Whatever you do, make sure you do it positively and it will make someone else’s life better. Let’s make this world free of foul things that we created. Let’s make this world a wonderful place. And if you do, one day they will visit our planet like tourists.


P.S. And if you are not afraid of those aliens, so just think about me. I’m just a guy who is 20 years old because if you don’t, then I’ll be the first one to be terminated.


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A Drunken Lady

 The coffee wasn’t good. How could it be? Because I made that. I went out of my home and trying to think about what I have done and what I need to do. Before I go further, let me allow you to tell that I was a billionaire who had everything but lost everything in a single night. Somehow I managed to get a rental room and no wonder if I say that I had only the coffee to drink and that was too damn bad. So, I got stressed and totally stressed. Let’s continue. So, I was walking and after a couple of hours, I happened to see a lady who seemed pretty drunk. She was alone and but silent. I approached her for the sake of humanity because it was the only thing I had left with. So, I asked her politely (obviously), “Can I help you, miss?” She said, “I don’t need anybody’s help. Just because I’m high doesn’t mean I’m unconscious. I’m happy and a happy person never wants any help.” I was flabbergasted because I had never felt the feeling she was feeling there. So, I interestingly asked her about her feelings toward a happy life. I asked, “So, miss. What are your thoughts about a happy life or a happy person?” She chuckled and replied, “I know who you are. You were a billionaire once. But now, you are nothing. Come on, not a big thing for me. Everybody knows that. And I would never be amazed if a person asks me that question that you have asked if he or she has lost his source of happiness. You don’t seem happy but have asked about my thoughts. Why?”

I stammered and said, “Because a happy person doesn’t need any help. But an unhappy does.”

She said softly, “I knew that. Once you people lose something precious and start worrying about that thing. Look. I’m going to say something and you are going to listen to a drunken lady. Listen. Why do you feel you have lost everything? Just because you don’t have money to fulfill your needs or you don’t have anything to eat doesn’t mean this is the end of your chapter. It is a sign to try a new book. But this time, a better one. Because nobody knows what would happen in the next moment. Everything is uncertain. So, start again. Look, dawn has come. The darkness is going to end. And you know what, darkness is necessary because it animates the value of light. If there was no darkness, then we would have never valued the light. So, be happy with what you have right now but never get satisfied. Because once you get satisfied, you would stop developing yourself. Happiness and satisfaction are confusing things. You get satisfied when you are happy. That’s why you should not be satisfied with what you are. There is always more to achieve. Hope, I helped you. And the best part is, you listened to a drunken lady.”

Before I say anything, she interrupted and said, “My place has come. Whatever I said, was said to me by a wise man. My inspiration. My husband. Mr. -.”

Then she handed over an envelope to me and she went away.

I opened the envelope and found a big white paper certified by a hospital. And his husband name was mentioned there. It was his death certificate.


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I Met The Creator : Chapter 1

I slept early that night. Unusually. I was dreaming something peaceful but I can’t recall much about it right now. But it was good. Not a nightmare. I was sleeping like I went into some sort of hibernation. But how can everything go smoothly with me? A very bright light was enough to wake me up. The source of light was unknown to me. A weird creature showed up. It didn’t have a skull but had a black colored brain. It didn’t have eyes but I felt like it was constantly staring at me. It was just weird. It didn’t take much time to my ‘super intelligent brain’ to know that it was an alien. An alien, damn!

It came near my bed and was smelling like hell. Damn too bad. But I didn’t take the risk to give any foul reaction. Although, having that foul smell, it came to me and asked, “Little human. Can you recognize me?” Great! A species who is way more powerful than us asked me that ‘awesome’ question. I said to myself, “I’m no little human. Its brain is little. How can someone recognize anybody if he or she has never seen him or her before? Stupid alien.” It chuckled and said, “True. No one can do that. I was just seeking for a starting statement. Because we don’t have conversations on our planet. I acquired the knowledge of all languages from the Internet. A very weak but quite stable network. So, I did. And I’m not stupid.” Damn! It read my thought. Then I decided not to utter even a single word. It said, “No. You can. No harm, little human.”

But I was rigid. It said, “Allow me to introduce myself. I’m your creator. Actually, we created all of the life forms on this planet.” I asked, “Are you the supreme power?” It said, “Well. Yes. We are responsible for the existence of every life here. And we are the reapers also. Basically, you are just our slaves. Inefficient slaves. But we don’t extract work from humans. So, don’t worry.”

I asked, “Inefficient? Why?”


To be continued…



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A Motivated Tree

There was a boy who lived in an isolated village. A very old village in the valley. But peaceful. Everyone was happy. But this boy was different. This boy wanted something else. Something different. He wanted to make a shift in the mankind at that age only. Ha. He had that zeal. Fine. But the only thing he didn’t have is guidance. A direction. And a goal without a direction is just a wish. A wish only.

One day, he decided to go near the hill where he wasn’t allowed to go. He did. Sometimes you got to break some rules in order to know the WHY… During his journey, he found a tree far from the village. An old and big tree. Actually, it was the oldest and the biggest tree over there. It saw the boy coming near him. And something unexpected happened there. It spoke. The boy was shocked. Before he said anything, the tree asked, “What are you doing, son?” He replied in a fearful manner, “I was just going near the hill.” It chuckled in a heavy voice and said, “No. What are you doing with your life?” He said, “I don’t know. I want to do different things which can help the society to grow. But don’t know how to do. Can you help me out?” It said, “That’s why I’m here. No one can hear my voice but you. You know what to do to help the society. If you don’t, don’t worry. You will get to know. But how are you going to make the things happen is none of your business. Don’t worry about ‘HOW’. Take care of ‘WHY’. And you will automatically find the ‘WHAT’.”

The boy was amazed. No one had ever said this to him before. He knew the meaning. Then he asked, “If you are so good with your words, then why are you here? Have you ever applied what you said in reality? It said, “Of course. I was just a plant here many years ago. I’ve been living here for centuries. I had to struggle to come out and get sunlight. It was very difficult. Because if you don’t, you will die. I know that the only thing that kept me going was patience. I was very patient. I didn’t know the ‘HOW’ but I knew the ‘WHY’. Because I wanted to survive. I did. Now I’m here. And I do help others to get what they want. Look, I’m helping you. I’m helping these creepers to get the sunshine. That’s why they choose me over others. Look, it’s very simple. If you really have something to do, then you must possess a positive attitude. Your attitude will decide your character. And son, the character is everything. Do no harm. Treat everyone well. Stay well. Stay healthy and do spread love and peace.”

He said, “Wow! That was wonderful. How do you know so much?”

It said, “Easy. Keep doing what you want to do. You have only one life. Make the best use of it and always stay happy irrespective of the situations. Accept all rough situations. And keep this spark of doing something different alive. Greatness is not a mystical thing which some of us can have. Everyone can have greatness if he/she is willing to have. I feel it’s getting dark. You should go back to your place. Wild animals are here. And you could be their delicious dinner if you don’t leave.”

He said, “Fine. I’ll leave. Thank you for what you said. I’ll come again. Goodbye.”

It said, “Not an issue. Farewell.”


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