Should I Motivate?

Sometimes, we like to read inspirational posts or watch inspirational videos. But,

how long does the motivation exist?

1 hour?

1 day?

3 days? Or

1 week?

Let me tell you about my case. In my case, motivation dies the moment I finish watching any video or finish reading any posts. So, why would I waste my time in reading or watching something which will have no meaning when I finish them?

I haven’t found the answer and I don’t want to. I’m not interested. Because motivation is a false truth for me. You can’t motivate anyone. You can’t make anyone do unless he/she wants to do.

Why do people motivate?

Just to make fast bucks? Or

For entertainment?

Motivation exists everywhere. I know, it feels a bit paradoxical. But this what I feel. Because it exists everywhere. It’s like every human has 1 billion bucks on this planet. Then, who is the poorest? Is everyone poor? Or, is everyone rich?

I like paradoxes. Help me solve this one. Tell me, whether it is really necessary or not.


And always remember, you are the motivation. Use this to push yourself and become a person whose works will not be forgotten.


New Doc 2017-04-08_1

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