I wake up every day, see myself in the mirror and ask, “Am I doing what I really need to do.” I think and do what I want to do. Trust me, I’ve spent years in searching for the purpose of my existence. When I was in high school, I had some different aims. When I got into the college, I had another different aim. Now, I have other dreams. I don’t know what would happen after my graduation but I’m sure about one thing. And that is,

There is no meaning of life.

It’s the only one thing which meaning depends on the perspectives. It varies. It is different for everyone. I’ve seen people who are damn motivated and claim that they have found the meaning of their lives, they lie. They didn’t find the meaning, they just made a conclusion. A conclusion that could be changed after a certain period of time. Then they tell us to find the meaning of our lives. People do. They try.

Look, even if you know what you need to do, what you are created for, doesn’t mean you have found the true meaning. It changes, my friend. And this is the most beautiful thing of life. Nothing is fixed. It is very nice if you know what you need to do, go for it. Never give up on what you are doing. But sometimes, life drags you down and makes you a beginner again. Don’t worry. It’s time to start from zero. It’s time to set another goal and hit the goal with more force.

Stop searching for the meaning. Trust me, you would never find it. You can find aliens but not the meaning. Meaning comes from the experiences that you have had and you are having. Experiences give birth to a meaning. And experiences change every time. So does the meaning.

In spite of investing time on seeking for the meaning, start doing the things you love right now. You will definitely land on the right spot. There is no point of going after the things which look attractive to you if you can attract those things.

I stopped going after the meaning and I let my work define my life. Your work is going to define what sort of person you want to become. This world doesn’t care about the meaning and you will not regret about this when you are on deathbed.

What this world cares about and what you will regret is deeds.

So, go back to your work and make the difference.


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13 thoughts on “Stop Searching For The Meaning Of Your Life

  1. Hi Shubham,
    How are you? Hope you’re doing well in your life,Each time I dwell upon a new post of yours I find something unique and interesting in it. I really love reading your posts everytime. You’re right, We should stop going after the meaning of life but let our work define our life… Thanks for sharing this awesome message. Stay Blessed.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey there. Thank you so much for sharing what you feel. Ha. I’m good, pretty good. How are you doing?
      Honestly speaking, I always recommend people to seek for ALIENS not the meaning. People don’t want to do that. Ha. Humans.
      Thanks again. Live well.


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