The 2:1 Ratio…

I’ve seen people who claim that they would make anything happen. They claim. Ha. Claim. They say what they are going to do. They start boasting. The only good shit they possess. They talk about their work. Work that they feel good. Ha…

There is no harm in talking about the work you love. Everybody loves to do that. But it doesn’t feel awesome when you talk about what you are going to do. I’m not talking about the plans. Talking about the plans is a very good thing. I’m talking about the useless talking. They talk. A lot. Really. They don’t want to show. They don’t care about the proof. They make false promises. Finally, they start working. Then they find that they are not up to the mark. They are not working efficiently. Then they remember the statements that they made. False statements. Trust me, I find these sort of people almost every day and everywhere.

Genuinely speaking, talking is an useless activity if you are going to start something. It becomes useful when you put your talking effort into the work. Like, making people aware of what change you are going to make. And always make sure, do what you said. No one will pay attention if you don’t do what you said. Failing is okay but not trying anything is not acceptable. This is a really good activity. But I strongly recommend, don’t just go around waffling and expecting positive feedbacks from others.

If you have an ability to prove yourself, then why do you talk?

Great people aren’t talkative. They are great listeners. Listening is that recipe which can make pleasant conversations. Because when you hear that person means you are hearing his/her interests. And remember,

Knowing someone’s interests is the great weapon to conquer that person’s heart.

And of course,

We have two ears and one tongue so that we would listen more and talk less.


So, you know what to do now.



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