Find your WHY..

“The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why.”

– Mark Twain

Everyone knows the former but most of us fail to understand the latter one. Most people do whatever they find so that they can earn money as long as they work irrespective of their aims. It has been said that


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You must find the work that you only love. And when you find it, you will see a change around yourself. The way of motion will be changed. Your quality of thoughts, emotions, behaviors, and feelings will be changed. You will start using your natural voice instead of scripted one. You will walk with passion. So ask your reflection,

Why do I exist?

What is the purpose of my existence?

Stop wasting your time in search of money and pleasure. Start seeking for your kind of work, where you only care about the work, not the money. Stop doing those kinds of things, which hold you back from doing something great. You have a mission to accomplish and every day you waste results in one less day to make your dreams happen.

If you have any idea, which you believe could change the world, go for it. Don’t listen to anybody because you know your WHY. People will oppose you, criticize you, tell you that it is not going to work. But when you get success, they will ask you,” How did you do that?” Most of the times, you have to walk alone. You need to take shots out of your real life by yourself. Nobody will walk with you. Because they don’t have the vision like you. They don’t seek for the things the way you seek. They don’t feel like you feel. They don’t see the way you see because you are unique. Remember, eagles fly alone, pigeons flock together.

You must know that you have the courage to pursue your dreams even though people are laughing at you. Let them laugh. You mind your work.

Start working.


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