A Drunken Lady

 The coffee wasn’t good. How could it be? Because I made that. I went out of my home and trying to think about what I have done and what I need to do. Before I go further, let me allow you to tell that I was a billionaire who had everything but lost everything in a single night. Somehow I managed to get a rental room and no wonder if I say that I had only the coffee to drink and that was too damn bad. So, I got stressed and totally stressed. Let’s continue. So, I was walking and after a couple of hours, I happened to see a lady who seemed pretty drunk. She was alone and but silent. I approached her for the sake of humanity because it was the only thing I had left with. So, I asked her politely (obviously), “Can I help you, miss?” She said, “I don’t need anybody’s help. Just because I’m high doesn’t mean I’m unconscious. I’m happy and a happy person never wants any help.” I was flabbergasted because I had never felt the feeling she was feeling there. So, I interestingly asked her about her feelings toward a happy life. I asked, “So, miss. What are your thoughts about a happy life or a happy person?” She chuckled and replied, “I know who you are. You were a billionaire once. But now, you are nothing. Come on, not a big thing for me. Everybody knows that. And I would never be amazed if a person asks me that question that you have asked if he or she has lost his source of happiness. You don’t seem happy but have asked about my thoughts. Why?”

I stammered and said, “Because a happy person doesn’t need any help. But an unhappy does.”

She said softly, “I knew that. Once you people lose something precious and start worrying about that thing. Look. I’m going to say something and you are going to listen to a drunken lady. Listen. Why do you feel you have lost everything? Just because you don’t have money to fulfill your needs or you don’t have anything to eat doesn’t mean this is the end of your chapter. It is a sign to try a new book. But this time, a better one. Because nobody knows what would happen in the next moment. Everything is uncertain. So, start again. Look, dawn has come. The darkness is going to end. And you know what, darkness is necessary because it animates the value of light. If there was no darkness, then we would have never valued the light. So, be happy with what you have right now but never get satisfied. Because once you get satisfied, you would stop developing yourself. Happiness and satisfaction are confusing things. You get satisfied when you are happy. That’s why you should not be satisfied with what you are. There is always more to achieve. Hope, I helped you. And the best part is, you listened to a drunken lady.”

Before I say anything, she interrupted and said, “My place has come. Whatever I said, was said to me by a wise man. My inspiration. My husband. Mr. -.”

Then she handed over an envelope to me and she went away.

I opened the envelope and found a big white paper certified by a hospital. And his husband name was mentioned there. It was his death certificate.


New Doc 2017-04-08_1

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