She Inspired Me

I was silent. Waiting for the rain to get over. But it wasn’t. It was a heavy rain and I could hardly see the traffic except for their headlamps. So, I decided to take a cover. I did. Generally, I enjoy rain but I was not feeling fair enough to get out of the shed enjoy the beauty. I was waiting. I was hungry. Other people are waiting for the same thing what I was waiting for. There was no one out except vehicles.

Then I saw a pretty girl, walking along the street, enjoying every drop of rain. She was smiling and seemed happy. Another part of me, Shubham popped up and said to me, “Dude, what has happened? What are you waiting for? You are doing the same thing what these people are doing. They might have made of papers but you are not. You are a human. Look at her. She is enjoying out there. And nobody is doing that. Why are you standing over here waiting for the rain to get over? There is no perfect time to enjoy what you have. The time is now. Go out and enjoy. There is no point in wasting time over here and doing the same thing what others are doing. You are not like them. Now, go out and have fun.”

I did. I went out of the shed and felt the raindrops hitting my face. It was so satisfying experience. She vanished like the smoke but left behind a guy who was doing what others were not doing. She inspired me.

Thanks to that unknown pretty girl.



P.S. I got wet. And waiting for the cold to catch me. I hate cold.


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