Can You Climb That Tree?

When I was a kid, my parents had told me that I can do anything in my life. And I blindly believed in them (I was a kid). I had climbed many trees. Most of the times, I had fallen down (badly). I had jumped from heights, just wanted to get the taste of jumping because I believed that I can do anything. I think everyone has done those sort of daring kinds of stuff. Some of them were for fun or some of them were for impressing someone (I had done that), doesn’t matter. The thing that matters is the belief system. At that time, I didn’t know the proper meaning of belief but I had the feeling. The feeling which was powerful enough to push me to do crazy things.

Then, when I was growing, that concrete belief system started to transform into molten form. I started losing the grip. When I started to think the way like I was supposed to think at that age, belief system was not there. I started doubting myself.

Can I climb?

Can I jump?

But during that time, I realized that I had already done these sort of crazy things when I was small. Then, what is the thing which stopping me now? I didn’t get the answer. And I stopped thinking about this and started doing the same boring work that I had been doing.

But after having many experiences, I can say something. I’ve got the answer. And it is solid. I know about the thing that had stopped me from climbing that tree at that time. It was meI was responsible. My mindset was responsible. I have found that my heart was saying, “YOU CAN” but my mind was saying, “CAN YOU?“. And I had listened to my mind. That’s why I had given up. But, I would never let this thing happen again in my life. I’m happy. I have the answer.

I just want to say that there are moments come in your life and where you need to make  crucial choices. Your mind will arise an infinite number of questions even though you believe in yourself but your heart will not. Your heart knows what you truly need to do. Listen to your heart. It doesn’t make you give up easily. It provides you the reason and strength. Yes, the mind is a beautiful thing. But, you can’t break a stone with a sword. You can only make marks on it. You need another stone that will be provided by your heart. Just trust your heart.

And keep climbing trees but be careful. And don’t try to impress anyone. Try to have fun.

Stay fit.


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9 thoughts on “Can You Climb That Tree?

  1. Sometimes the greatest wisdom comes from ignorance, because it is only through omission of the status quo that we become aware of its uselessness. Thank you very much for sharing your experience 🙂

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