Stop Doing It

No two situations are same. You live different types of moments every time. Some give you calmness and some make you get out of your comfort zone. Whatever they are, you just live with them. Most of the times, you complain, you feel down or you just stay happy and peaceful.

Sometimes, you sit on a chair, grab a cup of coffee and thinking about your life. You get lost yourself in the web of thinking. You go too deep inside that you lose your way out. Then you finish your coffee, leave the chair and do what you are supposed to do.

Sometimes, you get motivated. Could be a video or a speech. Doesn’t matter. You get motivated for some time and you think what you have done and what you need to do. Motivation goes off and you do what you are told to do. Again motivation comes someday, again you think and again you don’t execute.

Sometimes, you see a person and want to fall in love with him/her. But you think, may be this is not the right time. You stop yourself there. Then after a couple of years, you see him/her but this time, with his/her partner. It makes you realize you should have taken that opportunity. But you didn’t.

Sometimes, you have a game changing idea, but you wait. You wait for the right time to execute that idea. Then you hear that somebody has already executed while you were waiting and now he/she is making money out of it. You regret.

Sometimes, you get too much happiness that you forget to praise the pain. You get too happy, which lowers down your will power to face big problems. Ask some guy who was born with a silver spoon that how would you feel if you have to sleep on streets?

Most of us are doing what they don’t love in order to make more money. I don’t know, but the majority of you do that. You can’t run from the truth. You are fed up with your life and quit the job. Sometimes, you wish to do something for yourself but again, some external individual comes and says you to do the easiest thing. You do it. Because it is easy.

Then again, you grab a cup of coffee, sit on a chair alone and start thinking. There is only one thing that troubles you the most. The thing is,


You don’t get the answer when you are alive, you will get the answer when you are on your deathbed and flashback happens.

Look, stop thinking about the meaning. You would never find it. It is not a word whose meaning has to be known. Its meaning varies. It depends on us. Some of them feel that life is about struggle or some may feel that it is just there and we have to live with it. Some of them see it with respect to others and get hit. Here’s a very simple thing.


When you were born, you were given a page and were told to write the meaning of your life. The page will be taken back when you die. The question is, would you like to answer that question?    

There is no perfect meaning of your life. What you do, sets the structure of the meaning. Make sure, you will not leave the page blank.


New Doc 2017-04-08_1

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