Be Humorous

Have you ever experienced that you are talking to someone but he/she is not being convinced?

So, what should you do?

Should you state real life facts to gain the attention?

Should you pressurize your statements?

Should you provide false information?


  • I did the first one. People were not so interested in listening to facts.


Because people don’t accept facts when they are told by someone else. They let the facts inside their heads only when they see the applications of the facts. So, if you are going to state some facts, could be in market research or in any relationship matters, make sure you have the proofs which prove the existence of the facts.


  • I did the second one also. It’s like pushing what you want to say into someone else’s mind. Don’t try to do this. It would take your deals down. Humans have a very good tendency of avoiding everything. Even though if you say, that your laces are untied, they will definitely look down even at least once though they know the laces are tied properly. So, never try to push your words.


  • False information. Somewhere, this activity could be proven good but not always. Like, if you say something which is false but it is good for the person, you have to be saying it all the time. Because when you say it all the time, you are covering the fact with a blanket. People can only feel the blanket. They can’t feel what’s inside the blanket unless he/she knows better than you. That’s what advertisements do. They keep showing advertisements all the time and when a kid sees it, irrespective of the value, that kid wants it in his/her life. But parents know the value. That’s why they target kids, not parents.


So, what should you do?

I prefer a very simple method and it works most of the times.


Add funny things in your sayings. Because when people encounter things which give them even a slight smile, they get attracted. Sometimes, you have to make funny expressions, which you don’t like, but that’s okay. At least, they are attracted and paying attention.

Trust me, I’ve seen people who use this method but on a different level. They take it to the next level. They keep adding humorous spices every time in their talks. Result?

Too much humorous is injurious to health.

Ha. Just kidding. Too much humorous can’t kill you but it can kill your presentation.

So, my advice is

Be humorous as much as you need.

And the best way of becoming a humorous human is,

stay happy.


P.S. Feel free to correct me or give any suggestions. 



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