An Inspiring God of Death

I had an exam today which didn’t go so well and that’s normal. Who is caring? So, I came back with a damn big smile on my face because it was the last exam of the semester. I watched a movie and headed for the gym as always I always do.

(Story starts now)

When I was crossing the road, my focus got shifted and I didn’t notice a speeding Ferrari F430 heading toward me. By the way, F430 had reinforced carbon disc brakes (inspired by my favorite jet airliner, Concorde). But those brakes didn’t stop the car at the right time. I was hit. And I went black. When I opened my eyes, I found myself on a different planet. It was same as the planet I was born on but the things were changed. I had a letter with me which was a proof of my death and it had an appointment date. The appointment was with the GOD of DEATH. So, I went there. The only thing which I found familiar was, humans. Humans who were died, their souls were wandering there. Unemployed damn souls!

So, I met the God of Death. He was the boss. He looked so ugly, that I was about to puke over him. Let’s not describe him because anyway, all of us will meet him one day. He didn’t say anything. I was given a certificate which was a proof that I was a part of the system. The death system. I belonged to that planet. So, I was told to start my life again but there only. I got out of the headquarter because of him.

I was just going, looking at everyone and thinking about myself. I didn’t find anything interesting there. The planet was like the planet earth.

Over population of souls.

Corruption. Even dead souls of corrupted humans didn’t leave their shits.

The scarcity of food.


Sins. Murders.

Climate change.

You tell me, how was I supposed to start a fresh life there?

I rushed toward the headquarter and forcefully entered his cabin. The God of Death knew that I was coming. So, he put perfume so that I would not puke on him. I requested him to give another chance to live my life again on my own planet. He thought for some minutes then he permitted me to do what I wished. But before I left the room, he interrupted me and said, “You are going to have a new life. But this time only one. You will have only one life to live. So, live it in such a way that it will affect this dimension also. So that, when you come back here again, you will not find what you are seeing here now. Go, live your life fully and do what you love. Make sure, you will do good deeds. Dismissed.”

I didn’t expect that the God of Death was inspirational. I got the life again. I opened my eyes and found myself lying on the road near the Ferrari F340 and people were looking at me as it was like I’m an alien.


Humans. All of you have been through that dimension once. You were not satisfied there. That’s why he sent you here again to rewrite the story. But this time, you have only one chance. You are left with only one life. Make the best use of it. As he said, do good deeds so that you can purify your soul and when you get back there you will find a changed world.


P.S. Get an anti-odor face mask while meeting the God of Death. He put the perfume when I was there but he may not do it for you next time.


New Doc 2017-04-08_1

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