I opened my eyes in front of them. They were villagers. They seemed happy to see me. It was all blur at the start but later I started getting clear visions. One of them came to me and said, “You were in a coma for 5 months. How are you feeling now?” I said only one word, “Lost…” That really made sense. I knew my name but didn’t know where I came from. I didn’t know about my parents and they didn’t get anything related to my background. So, I was like a clean slate. I was lost. But gained my health quickly because of them.

One day, one of them told me, “I saw you years ago. As far as I can recall now, you used to be a businessman. I didn’t know about your organization but you had a pretty good life.” I asked, “So, I was a businessman, right?” He said, “Oh, yes.” I could see his skeptical expression but I didn’t have anything to believe in. So, I trusted him. I decided to leave the village and go back to the city to do something for the living.

I went to the city, carrying a belief that I was a good businessman. It was pretty hard to get even a small job but somehow I was lucky to get a job as a salesman in a small shop which would sell flowers and didn’t have any chains. I was happy. The payment wasn’t enough but I knew that I could raise it since I was a businessman. So, I started out selling flowers.

The first two weeks went very horrible. Not even a single customer. I was stressed. The owner wasn’t happy with me. But he was very gentle. He gave me some time to gain what I had lost. I started looking at successful restaurants nearby. Learned their ways of treatment. I knew I lost everything but I still had a soul of a businessman. I practiced what I learned. I started being politer and started mixing small pieces of humor in every talk. The result was great. I started getting customers. After a couple of months, the owner gave me the responsibility to handle the shop independently. I accepted his offer.

After a couple of years, I grew the business. I transformed the small shop into a big building which would sell flowers only. I became pretty famous in my state. But fate had something else to show me. One night when I was in the building, two old people showed up. They claimed to be my parents. I was shocked. They had every evidence. From photographs to my passport. But there was something more than evidence. It was an attachment. I didn’t know them but my heart knew them very well. So, I went with them to see my home.

I reached there. They told me to see my room. It was upstairs. The house was full of photographs which were proving that I was the member of the house. So, I opened my room’s door. I found many things which took my breath. I was frozen. My mind wasn’t working and my heart didn’t want to believe in the reality. My dad approached my right ear and whispered. He said, “Yes son. You used to be a painter.”

Mindset. It showed that if you believe in what you want to become, you will become that person.

Mind is like a software. Make sure you would code it correctly.

Visualize the person you want to become. Make a mental blueprint and pour everything it takes to become that person. It is going to be hard. But nobody cares. People don’t care about the person you are right now. They care about the person you want to become. Because humans are afraid of future. They want right people in their lives. There are people who are struggling to become what they have always wanted to become. Who are you and what are you waiting for?

Write your story and leave your mark because you have only one life.


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