Where Should I Look For Happiness?

No wonder, this is the month of exams. I’m having my semester end exams which I really don’t care about. They make us sit for three hours in the examination hall and the worst thing is its ambiance. Chill. I don’t talk about it. It just makes me sick. While preparing for the next exam in a very low pace, I peeked out and saw the sunlight reflecting the canopy of the tree and the Tyndall effect inspired me to stop my preparation. I saw two crows were fighting for a piece of food and that was just amazing.

I thought about something else and found that there is no way to find happiness. Can I say something? If you care about people around you, then you would definitely do what makes them happy and ultimately you will be happy as well. No doubt. I see people searching for happiness in different things. Either it could be a job or a car. Yes, you will be happy if you ride a supercar. However, that happiness would only be for some time as long as you pour fuel into your car. If you get a good job, still happiness exists for some time as long as you have the job. So, where should I look for an eternal happiness?

Personally speaking, I found my happiness in humans. They are only ones whom I care about. Humanity is my priority. I see them as humans and love them like a human does. I think I found my happiness in people. Look up. What do you see? Sky? Clouds are hovering up there. Chill. You can’t work for clouds. Mankind is the nature. Humanity is the religion. And the most important thing is your work is the worship to sustain the religion, humanity. I chose my path. It could be anything. Make sure whatever you do, it will make this world wonderful. And if you truly believe that, you would definitely make it happen. Yes, there is going to be a lot of setbacks or failures, but who said that it is easy to make someone else’s life better? If it was, then this world would be packed with full of dedicated humans.

Change yourself. Love yourself so that you can love other people.

Live fully.


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