Education Vs Intelligence

Get good marks, you will definitely get a good job. Your life will be settled and will become a lot easier. We feel it is true. Because we have been told like that almost every time. You go to school, you study there. You are told to secure top marks so that you will be among top 5 students. After all the efforts, you finally celebrate farewell. Impressive! Then you go to college like you are supposed to and repeat the same boring stuff that you’ve been doing. Have you ever wondered what your life will be after 5 years or 10 years? Have you ever thought that all credits you have secured will really help you to change the society?

Most of us are living in this way. We don’t realize the exact meaning of what we have got and what we have done. And this is not ours fault. Somebody is really setting up all these rules in the society. And the most important thing is, why are we listening to that person? I believe, somebody has changed the definition of education. Education is not about memorizing dates, numbers, figures, names, facts, etc. The system is ruining us. It is deceiving us. And the best part is, we are really paying for this. This system teaches us how to deal with the past. And fails to teach us how to capitalize the present and create a better future. Let me tell you something. Just because he or she can’t solve a couple of problems, doesn’t mean he or she is a dunce. Just because he or she is not among top 5 students, doesn’t mean he or she doesn’t possess any skill or skills. All of us have different skills. He can sing, she does paint, she swims, etc. Then why do they judge us just on the basis of some numbers?  We are really being taught to get success but we are not being taught to deal with failures. Just see around yourself, we have developed speed but we are not punctual. We are disciplined but not self-disciplined. We make money but fail to build character. We build skyscrapers but fail to know the hidden greatness within ourselves.

Education is supposed to inspire us to create things, to create machines, to create happiness and to lay a road for the welfare of the society. Yes, it is supposed to inspire us. But just ask yourself. Is it really doing this? If your answer is NO, then why are you paying? Are you working for any charity? We are living in a world where certificates dominate. Skills are not being paid well in all aspects.

Look, I’m not against any educational institution or any personality. I’m against the definition of education. We need to redefine it. We need to implement the correct meaning. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. once said, “The function of education is to teach one to think intensively and to think critically. Intelligence plus character, that is the goal of true education.”

More than grades, we need dreamers. 

More than course, we need ideas.

More than facts, we need thinkers.

And the day when we get to know the true meaning of education, a new calendar will be formed. Keep seeking for the true meaning of education. When you find it, feel it, believe in it and spread it.


P.S. I need opinions this time. I’m going through all these things. Things which can only be thought by small minds. But I truly believe, there are people who want to see the change. We will definitely bring the change. It takes time but it will be worth in the end. 


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