Inspiration In The Metro

I was in the Metro and a question struck my soft brain.

What if I do good deeds all the time?

I’m a guy who doesn’t believe in impossible. But there are things that we should never care about. The activity of doing good deeds is one of them. I hear people saying, “Do good deeds and you will get good results.” DAMN! That’s not true. How can anyone do good deeds every time?

Here’s what I think. Doing good deeds will never teach you how to become a man of value. Because good deeds don’t possess messages. It is a wrong deed which helps us to improve ourselves. Now, some of you might say, “This guy is crazy. With the name of inspiration, he is saying to do wrong deeds.”

(Wrong deeds. Ha. I’m not on the side of wrong deeds. But I’m against those who do wrong deeds intentionally. Wrong deeds from my perception.)

Look. You have a good heart. You did something but it turned out wrong. Now, what would people say? “Man, you did a terrible thing.” In spite of looking at your intention, they judged you. Did you really do a wrong thing?

There is no deed which is good or wrong. It is our perception.

All I want to say is, have the courage to do whatever you want, irrespective of the opinions.

You can’t always win. But don’t be afraid of taking risks. People are there to criticize you. Let them do their business. You mind your own work. Keep doing deeds that you like and your destiny will regard you.

I want to write more but the station was reached and I was pushed out of the train. Humans…

P.S. Please correct me wherever I went wrong. I’m a human too. I make mistakes. Sometimes I emit non-directional thoughts but I believe, people would help me to refine what I think.


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8 thoughts on “Inspiration In The Metro

  1. Yoly

    My mom always said to me that you should do things with your left hand but don’t left your right hand see. In other words, do things because you want to and not because you want people to praise you.

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