An Unexpected Lesson

I woke up under the blanket of the dark night. There was no one there. I could see almost all the stars in the black sky, billions of them were there. It was like a dark room with small glowing dots and in the middle of the room, I was lying on the floor. But that wasn’t any sort of room. It was our planet. I could feel the air in my lungs because it was so pure. There was no sign of any human. No light. No sound. The breeze was pretty cool. All of a sudden, I felt that I was wearing nothing but some dried leaves which were just enough to cover my private parts. I was shocked. I stood up and started going somewhere. It was very difficult for me to walk on the surface with bare feet. But I did gradually. As I was going, I saw a small dot coming up from the horizon. It was the sun. After some time, morning cherished my soul. But my mind was untouched. I was scared.

I found a sign of life. I found some sound coming from a cave. I followed the source. The thing I found was way beyond my imagination. Humans. Yes, humans. But unlike me. I could hardly distinguish them from chimps. They were dressed in the same fashion. Since I was scared but the very first thing I did was, I laughed at them. They were looking so funny. I asked, “Hey funny humans. Now tell me, what is happening? Where am I?” They stared at me and did nothing. I asked again. No response. DAMN! I looked around them. They didn’t have any resources. Not even the fire. Wait. I found some small kids were eating something. It was a liver of an animal. A raw liver. Then my super intelligent brain told me, “Shubham, there is no fire. You somehow got into the age before the fire was invented. And don’t try to please them. They don’t know your language. And there is no wheel. So, don’t expect anything more.”

Those people were looking at me because I was an alien who was dressed with leaves. But they were kind-hearted. They welcomed me. Their hospitality really touched me. I was offered with some raw pieces of some animal which I didn’t know. I ate. I puked later but I did.

Days started passing. I wasn’t happy because I came from a generation which thought of colonizing other planets and this generation didn’t even cover their private parts properly. So, I kept quiet because I was ready to be killed by something. I started noticing one thing. The most important thing. And that was… They would wake up every morning and would go for hunting. That was the only purpose. Nothing more than that. Really, I was seeing people not even people, humanity which didn’t have any purpose. I realized the real meaning of finding the purpose. Yes, it was not their fault. They were not evolved.

After a couple of days, I was taken on a hunt. Since their instincts were at the peak and I was not customary to hunt, I got myself in front of a big beast unknowingly. DAMN! They didn’t want me to hunt down that beast but I was ready to show off my unskilled skills. Long and curved tusks were coming out of it and were trying to touch my soul. I was pumped up with a desire to take it down. Come on, I was a guy who never gave up in his time. So, carrying that spirit of not giving up and accepting all the challenges, I jumped on it. Unfortunately, it was my last jump.

But, but, but. My soul got something.

What if we don’t work?

What if we wake up every day and don’t do anything?

What if we stop inventing and discovering new and exciting things?

What if we stop seeking for purpose of our lives and live for nothing?

Then you would see the world which I did.

Understand your motives. Cultivate them. Nurture them and grow them. You have been given a gift which is called life. Don’t waste it.

So, what are you going to do?

P.S. Personally speaking, the most difficult task was to change the leaves every time they dried and seek for fresh and suitable leaves.


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