Zero Naysayers

4 thoughts on “Zero Naysayers”

  1. I appreciate the intention that you have with this post, however I would like to add my input on the topic.
    I feel that the act of “taking negative people out” is powerful; but sometimes you can’t avoid negative people. Sometimes, those people you perceive as negative just have something going on in their lives. Sometimes, the “worst” people were the kindest, and they need that spark of love again.

    So, perhaps sometimes it is not about separation, but union. If we can get those good vibes into everyone, starting with ourselves, we don’t have to “fight” the “negative”; but embrace it, and transform it.

    We ourselves are that which we look outside. If we see chaos and destruction, we are chaotic and destructive ourselves.
    So look within first, as you said, and try to get the best of everyone.

    We are all in this boat together, after all. 🙂

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  2. Yes, you are right. Circumstances matter. After all, we are all students. We learn everyday. And if we transform such sort of people, we would learn from them also. There is always more to learn. Like, I’ve learnt right now, from your comment. Thanks for writing with wonderful words. Stay fit. Peace.

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