I Met The Creator : Chapter 2


It said, “Because we created humans for the welfare of this planet. To maintain peace and love. To take care of each other. But the system has been changed. You are not allowed to play with the system. Only we can do that. We have been watching you for centuries. Rage, hatred, revenge and a wrong desire to supersede each other have nested your poor minds. It was not a fault in our creation. We could have controlled you like you control machines but we didn’t. We had given you the ability of self-learning but the time has come. There is no need of human existence on this planet. From climate change to overpopulation, from the killing of animals to corruption, from stress to depression, from criticism to molestation. This is not what we created. You have left with only one option. Either you change everything or face the mass extinction.” I was a bit scared. It was talking about the mass extinction. The last and the worst nightmare. I showed concern (what could I have done?) and asked, “Wait. Think positive, sir. There is no need to take that big step. Just think again.” It said, “We did a number of times. And by the way, it is not a big thing for us to erase your species. It will take 27.345 seconds to erase human beings. We are prepared. Waiting for the right time.”

I said, “Hold on. What if we set everything back like it was before?” It chuckled and said, “Great. Even we can do it in 27.345 seconds. Why do you want to work in your last moments?”

(Frankly speaking, I was not scared. I was just showing respect by making tensed facial expressions. I’ve got too much brain. Right? You can buy some part of it. 1 Billion bucks per gram. Available in Amazon and eBay also. T&C apply.)

So, with my intelligent brain, I asked, “Fine. We will take care of it. We will make this planet a better place to live.” It said, “Look. We don’t want any harm. We are not stopping you from creating more things or colonizing other planets. We would be happy if you do more. But we must stick to our core. The core of human creation says that humans are engineered for love and peace. Yes, defects are there but don’t let the defects rule the good ones. We are here to tackle with the defective ones. The core program that we programmed in your genes tells that the consequences will be based on your deeds. That was the only thing that we programmed. No one can change that. Not even us. So, have you decided anything?”

I was amazed and said, “Of course. I’ll do and…” And it went away with a page which was cut out from my notebook by it without my knowledge (shameless creature).

It wrote these lines…

New Doc 2017-07-02_1_yf


If humans will not change what they are doing wrong, then we will replace humans with our better creations. And you (Shubham Paul) will be the first human to be washed out. Live cautiously.

(Translated by my ‘super intelligent’ brain)


I took the challenge. Let’s make this world a better place. Let’s restore the humanity again. Whatever you do, make sure you do it positively and it will make someone else’s life better. Let’s make this world free of foul things that we created. Let’s make this world a wonderful place. And if you do, one day they will visit our planet like tourists.


P.S. And if you are not afraid of those aliens, so just think about me. I’m just a guy who is 20 years old because if you don’t, then I’ll be the first one to be terminated.


New Doc 2017-04-08_1


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