The Best Feeling…

Most of us have been searching for the best feeling in this world. But, most of us fail to find that feeling. Is it so difficult? You get the promotion, you celebrate for some time. You get passed the tests, you get a big smile on your face but for some time. You buy a super car, you feel like heaven for a pretty long time but it is limited, right? Isn’t there anything which makes us happy for eternity?

You go to school, you do activities which make you feel good. Then college, some activities which make you comfortable. Job, the same thing happens. Sometimes you get bad experiences and sometimes good. Doesn’t matter, if you have bad experiences. One good experience can compensate 10 bad experiences, right? But still, we seek for a feeling which not only makes us happy, which also sustain for a long duration. People say, “Pain is temporary.” But, what about that feeling? Feeling that you have been searching, which you believe can live forever in your heart.

There are many ways to get the feel of that ‘feeling’. But what I found is work. When you do amazing things in your life, which make people happy and more comfortable, they appreciate. They appreciate what you do because your products of struggle bring changes to their life. That’s what they want. The transformation from an old thing to an exciting new thing. I keep this beautiful thing in my heart. I carry it wherever I go. I see it, I feel it and believe in it. I nourish this feeling and live with it. It inspires me to create more amazing things. Pushes me to work more efficiently. I fail in most of the cases. But it’s fine. It’s always there to help me. But the best thing is, you can give this feeling to others also. And when you give it, you will see an amazing living being inside that person. It clears out all the nasty feelings and gives a way to go further. It’s just a feeling. Just a feeling.

I’m happy that people have watched and appreciated my work. That’s why I’m doing it.

– Joel Kinnaman

Appreciate what you have and what others give you.


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