Is Hard Work An Illusion?

Most of the times I hear people saying that the hard work pays off. It really does. There is no greater satisfaction than knowing that your hard work worked out. Can I ask you one thing?

Was that the hard work which made the thing happened? Or was it something else?

Allow me to put this in this way…

Imagine you are working in an area which you are not specialized in. But you are being paid a handsome amount. Since you don’t know much about that thing, you will definitely not put your sincere efforts onto it. Right? If yes, then you would not like to show love toward that work because you are not specialized in that field. So, no love means no effort which ultimately results in no production.

Now, imagine you are doing a work which you know better than others. But you are not being paid up to your expectations. But you love that work. Now, what would be the result? Of course. You would definitely put your sincere efforts which can take you one level higher. Obviously. No big deal.    

Now, what was the common thing in those two scenarios? Yes. It was neither money nor the work. It was only YOU. You chose what to do with your life. If you had chosen the first one where you were being paid good with zero attachment to your work, you would have ended up like a zombie (I hate zombies). No love for your work.

It’s very simple. There is nothing like hard work. It is love. Love gives birth to hard work which is just a virtual child of your efforts. Love is real. Even people who terrorize others do put efforts or hard work in their jobs. But those jobs are unforgivable. In this case, do you really think hard work takes them to become great? No… Never. There is one more thing which supports the love. Direction. Love with a good direction will lead you to success. Direction decides the destination and fortunately, vice versa is not possible. Hard work will be everywhere whether you choose a wrong or right path. But the true love will always lead you to a right direction.

Ignite that love.

Follow the direction it shows.

Live the way you dream.


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