The Art of Self Talking

“Are you crazy?”

“You are talking to yourself, it seems meaningless.”

Most of the times, I hear such kind of words. Just because I talk to myself, doesn’t mean I’m a fool. Actually and honestly speaking, I’ve been talking to myself for a very long time. Even today, I share my ideas, feelings, and thoughts to myself. But at some point of my life, I realized that it is not an appropriate thing to do. And I had believed (I don’t know how) that it is a mental disorder and I stopped talking to myself. Actually, I tried to stop (I was a very stubborn guy), but I didn’t make it. It was nested in my nerves. Then, one day I found a book. After reading the title, I didn’t have to read the summary. I didn’t wait. I bought it. And I read it (obviously speaking). Trust me, it changed my perception toward the self-talking process. I realized that I’m not a patient (I chuckled). This is not a disorder. I’ve got an ability to do it. Not a supernatural ability (I wish I had some of them), but I was happy. I truly recommend this book for all of you. I assure you, it will be worth reading.

So, with my whole heart (my true friend), I concluded some points. Before I state them, let’s initiate the self-talking process. If you want to experience this, find a place where you will be alone (please don’t go to the bathroom), a place with nature, a place where you can feel the essence of breeze and away from all sort of distractions. Now, get to the main points.

First, choose any random topic and start having a conversation with yourself. You can talk loudly or silently, doesn’t matter. No one is watching you. Say anything even the thing that doesn’t make any sense. No embarrassment and no criticism. Just make a huge number of statements and share them with yourself. Make sure that you would only say POSITIVE words.

After that, take a deep breath and choose a vital topic which is meaningful to you. It could be anything. Your goals, desires, relationships, deeds, etc. Now focus on it and start doing the same thing. You will find that you are making some points which are valuable at that instant. Points that no one has ever said to you and do believe in them because those points are the products of your own conclusion. They come from your heart, not from your mind. Trust the process.

That’s it. You are done. Let me tell you something from my experience,” You would find that you can do anything. And it is absolutely true. You can and you will make anything happen.” Take that belief system up and walk with it. I say it is a wonderful ability to recognize and rectify yourself. And the most important thing is,

“Be careful how you are talking to yourself because you are listening.”

-Lisa M. Hayes

And the book that helped me to reshape my views was

What to Say When You Talk to Yourself

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11 thoughts on “The Art of Self Talking

    1. No, you are not. It’s a great ability that few among us can feel. But you can develop it. And if you’ve been doing it, keep doing it. Trust me, it does help to make big choices, even when everything the brook is flowing opposite. But you must say positive things. Hope, you understand. Thanks.


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