I Met The Creator : Chapter 1

I slept early that night. Unusually. I was dreaming something peaceful but I can’t recall much about it right now. But it was good. Not a nightmare. I was sleeping like I went into some sort of hibernation. But how can everything go smoothly with me? A very bright light was enough to wake me up. The source of light was unknown to me. A weird creature showed up. It didn’t have a skull but had a black colored brain. It didn’t have eyes but I felt like it was constantly staring at me. It was just weird. It didn’t take much time to my ‘super intelligent brain’ to know that it was an alien. An alien, damn!

It came near my bed and was smelling like hell. Damn too bad. But I didn’t take the risk to give any foul reaction. Although, having that foul smell, it came to me and asked, “Little human. Can you recognize me?” Great! A species who is way more powerful than us asked me that ‘awesome’ question. I said to myself, “I’m no little human. Its brain is little. How can someone recognize anybody if he or she has never seen him or her before? Stupid alien.” It chuckled and said, “True. No one can do that. I was just seeking for a starting statement. Because we don’t have conversations on our planet. I acquired the knowledge of all languages from the Internet. A very weak but quite stable network. So, I did. And I’m not stupid.” Damn! It read my thought. Then I decided not to utter even a single word. It said, “No. You can. No harm, little human.”

But I was rigid. It said, “Allow me to introduce myself. I’m your creator. Actually, we created all of the life forms on this planet.” I asked, “Are you the supreme power?” It said, “Well. Yes. We are responsible for the existence of every life here. And we are the reapers also. Basically, you are just our slaves. Inefficient slaves. But we don’t extract work from humans. So, don’t worry.”

I asked, “Inefficient? Why?”


To be continued…



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