Is There Anything Inside My Skull?

Somewhere a guy is running carrying his veins. Of course. The veins are carrying a liquid which is essential for human beings to survive. The color is sheer red and irrespective of the leaf which doesn’t contain chlorophyll because all vehicles have black tires. As long as he is running, produces small shock waves on the ground which obviously can’t be recorded on a Richter scale because it doesn’t want to and it knows that it will not affect the construction which is happening nearby. The building has got concrete which contains sand in it. The presence of silica has been known since ancient times but they were not succeeded to build the tallest building doesn’t mean they didn’t have veins which weren’t carrying the red liquid. They could run and could produce small shock waves but again, couldn’t be recorded because there was no recording machine.

 While you are wondering and searching for the motive, you are constantly staring at the screen which might have been put in an adaptive brightness mode and you are caring about the thing (which I’ve written) and thinking whether I went mad or not because you haven’t found what I wanted to convey. You would never because you are caring about the wrong thing.

Humans. It happens. We are so busy in caring about the things which don’t even have any foundation and we build a virtual fence of misunderstanding. Look, big problems will become a lot simpler once you know that you must focus on the main thing which will help you to develop your character. It’s up to you whether you want to deal with the problem or deal with the main component of the problem because every problem has its source. And whatever you are thinking, kindly think bigger because this planet is full of …

Can I tell you something? Everything is meaningless around us. It’s us who are responsible to paint the empty canvas.


New Doc 2017-04-08_1

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4 thoughts on “Is There Anything Inside My Skull?

    1. Yes. We should penetrate through all the layers and hit the source. It sounds like an alien attack has happened and we are going to kill the mother alien protected by its soldiers. Ha. Thank you so much. Live well.

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