Embrace The Darkness

I was just passing by the parking lot of my college campus after having dinner and stopped suddenly. Because I encountered the reaper who was there to take me. Just kidding. It was because I saw two big bats destined to a big tree. As they were going there, I realized something. DAMN! I was not alone. There were more than 30 big bats hanging down the tree. It was so awesome sight. A dark night with the dark creatures. Bats have always inspired me. These black creatures are so placid in nature.

I was convinced that everything in nature has something to do here. Tonight, I met this inspiration which made me think that you must be hungry all the time. The best thing of the bats is they work at night (take rest in the day time). They hunt but never get satisfied. They keep hunting all the night. If they had an ability to hunt in the daylight, then they would have never stopped hunting. WOW! As I was stuck there, admiring the beauty of the scene, bats kept flying around the tree. It was like they were showing affection to me (I’m not BATMAN). But this thing happens to a prey which is going to be killed. Ha.

They are different. But dedicated.

They sleep at daytime but work at night.

They can’t use light to see but know how to play with sound.

They spend most of their times grooming themselves more than any selfie-obsessed human.

Sometimes I wish if I were a bat, I would have been living with the colony in the caves. But I’m not. No problem. Let’s take this attitude from them and start working even when everybody is asleep. There is no right time for the work you love because there is always a right time.

So, be like a bat and start grinding.

And don’t forget to embrace them because they are darkness.


New Doc 2017-04-08_1

(Image source)


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