A Motivated Tree

There was a boy who lived in an isolated village. A very old village in the valley. But peaceful. Everyone was happy. But this boy was different. This boy wanted something else. Something different. He wanted to make a shift in the mankind at that age only. Ha. He had that zeal. Fine. But the only thing he didn’t have is guidance. A direction. And a goal without a direction is just a wish. A wish only.

One day, he decided to go near the hill where he wasn’t allowed to go. He did. Sometimes you got to break some rules in order to know the WHY… During his journey, he found a tree far from the village. An old and big tree. Actually, it was the oldest and the biggest tree over there. It saw the boy coming near him. And something unexpected happened there. It spoke. The boy was shocked. Before he said anything, the tree asked, “What are you doing, son?” He replied in a fearful manner, “I was just going near the hill.” It chuckled in a heavy voice and said, “No. What are you doing with your life?” He said, “I don’t know. I want to do different things which can help the society to grow. But don’t know how to do. Can you help me out?” It said, “That’s why I’m here. No one can hear my voice but you. You know what to do to help the society. If you don’t, don’t worry. You will get to know. But how are you going to make the things happen is none of your business. Don’t worry about ‘HOW’. Take care of ‘WHY’. And you will automatically find the ‘WHAT’.”

The boy was amazed. No one had ever said this to him before. He knew the meaning. Then he asked, “If you are so good with your words, then why are you here? Have you ever applied what you said in reality? It said, “Of course. I was just a plant here many years ago. I’ve been living here for centuries. I had to struggle to come out and get sunlight. It was very difficult. Because if you don’t, you will die. I know that the only thing that kept me going was patience. I was very patient. I didn’t know the ‘HOW’ but I knew the ‘WHY’. Because I wanted to survive. I did. Now I’m here. And I do help others to get what they want. Look, I’m helping you. I’m helping these creepers to get the sunshine. That’s why they choose me over others. Look, it’s very simple. If you really have something to do, then you must possess a positive attitude. Your attitude will decide your character. And son, the character is everything. Do no harm. Treat everyone well. Stay well. Stay healthy and do spread love and peace.”

He said, “Wow! That was wonderful. How do you know so much?”

It said, “Easy. Keep doing what you want to do. You have only one life. Make the best use of it and always stay happy irrespective of the situations. Accept all rough situations. And keep this spark of doing something different alive. Greatness is not a mystical thing which some of us can have. Everyone can have greatness if he/she is willing to have. I feel it’s getting dark. You should go back to your place. Wild animals are here. And you could be their delicious dinner if you don’t leave.”

He said, “Fine. I’ll leave. Thank you for what you said. I’ll come again. Goodbye.”

It said, “Not an issue. Farewell.”


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