Two Ghosts 2

(Recapitulation: Two Ghosts)


Me: I don’t. I was doing what I was supposed to do in my life. I was not harming anyone. I was producing good things. Yes, it is true that I was not the same person as I’m right now. But I changed. Good things started happening around me. So, I was living the way I wanted to.

Mr. Vincent: Cool, no? You don’t regret anything. But there must be something that troubled you at the last moment. Am I right?

Me: Ha. A small thing.

Mr. Vincent: You are free to share that. Nobody’s listening. Our dead bodies must be decomposing. Go on.

Me: Hahaha. Fine. There was a thing that troubled me at the last moment. I don’t care about that right now but if I were alive, I would have never done that.

Mr. Vincent: Tell me, what did trouble you? I may help you to get rid of that thing.

Me: Fine. I was afraid of heavy water bodies. I had always run away from swimming. I didn’t want to do that. My fear was obstructing me. And I knew that very well. One day, I met with an accident. I was in a taxi. It was a pretty dark night, we were on a bridge, the taxi went out of control and I still don’t know the reason. And it got into the river with me and the driver. We were struggling. Water was seeping into the car. The driver died in there. I don’t know why but my best guess is due to shock. Fine. So, I was struggling. The car was going inside the river. Nobody was there. The black sky was going out of sight bit by bit. All of a sudden, the door unlocked and I got out of it. No use. I was still struggling to keep myself afloat. But it was like someone was pulling my leg inside. Ha. It was my weight. So, I got inside gradually, struggling for oxygen and realized a simple fact. Although I was dying, I could have saved myself. If I knew how to swim. If I had perished that fear, then I would have alive today. Fine. Then I saw a face. A boring face. Literally. It was the Reaper. He came there to take my soul out. DAMN! And everything went black. When I opened my eyes, I found my dead body lying on the floor.

Mr. Vincent: I’m sorry for what happened. But, there is always more to learn irrespective of situations. So, what have you learned?

Me: Kill your fears. Whatever fear you have, kill them. Don’t let them take away the gift from you. A gift of life. I lost the gift. But I don’t want anyone to do what I did.

Mr. Vincent: Great! I wish every living body gets this thought. Keep learning, kid.

Me: So, what is going to happen with us now?

Mr. Vincent:


New Doc 2017-04-08_1


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