Two Ghosts

It drizzled here. Sometimes, I hate this. But at some point, I do love this. Like this, there are moments which come in your life which make you hate what you are and some moments make you love what you are. You just got to live with those moments and… Forget this. Sometimes, I lose somewhere.

Let’s get started.

I’m 20 years old and dead now. I can see my beautiful dead body lying on the floor and people are crying around me. Why? Who knows? Personally speaking, I have never got the concept of crying when you lose somebody forever. Doesn’t mean I haven’t lost anyone. Fine. Let’s concentrate on me. So, I’m a ghost now. I’m laughing. Laughing at myself. But, I’m bored now. Let’s visit someone else’s dead body.

Oh! Over there. I’m a ghost. I can fly really fast. Ha (did you laugh?). DAMN! This man is really old. Let’s talk to him. I’m meeting him now. He seems generous. His name is (ghosts don’t have names). Let’s call him Mr. V. So, let’s see.

Me: Hey there. When did you die?

Mr. V: Just a couple of minutes ago. Look, my dead body is there.

Me: Oh yeah. By the way, I was known by Shubham Paul when I was alive. What was your name?

Mr. V: My name was Vincent.

(I was right.)

Me: Hello sir. How are you feeling now?

Mr. Vincent: Forget about me. Look people have summoned there and are crying. Some of them can’t be recognized. I’m seeing them for the first time. Who are they? Why are they acting like they are acting for some movie? Am I not worth of having faithful people around my dead body?

Me: Your questions truly touched me. Chill. These inferior humans. We are ghosts now. We can haunt bad people. Doesn’t that excite you up? Because I’m super excited for that. A new experience. Right? Life is all about gaining experiences. No?

Mr. Vincent: You are dead, kid. You don’t have a life anymore.

Me: Yes. Tell me, do you regret what you did?

Mr. Vincent: No. I don’t. But I do.

Me: Sorry. I didn’t get you.

Mr. Vincent: I don’t regret what I did. I regret what I didn’t. See, I had lived a big part of my life. Saw many things. Did many things. But I do regret what I didn’t do. Risks that I didn’t take. Dreams that I didn’t pursue. Ideas. Talents. All of them died with me. Let me tell you something. You have been given a gift which is called life. Unwrap it. Live it fully. Most people fail to unwrap the gift and miss the chance to see what’s hidden inside. Don’t do it. Never. Sometimes the cover is so tough to open. Don’t worry. Take a pair of scissors. Like that, sometimes you get very tough things which you can’t do especially at that period. Get some help. Get someone who is like you to face that difficulty. You can do anything if you have that zeal. Did you get it?

Me: Totally.

Mr. Vincent: Don’t you regret anything?



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