A Lesson

Many of us are experiencing problems. We might have made wrong decisions, might have got into a relationship which is not good, might have lost shares, might have failed in doing something great, etc. That doesn’t matter. It happens with everyone. Purely natural thing. The thing is, what you do during these moments. How you use your pain will decide what sort of pain you can handle. But, let’s not think about the pain. There are many kinds of stuff which can tell you what to do in those sort of moments. After the exams (SHITS), I was having a cool shower and a thing showed up. Allow me to share what I got in the bathroom. Ha.

I was thinking of black holes. Ha. Damn awesome, no? Then all of a sudden Cygnus X-1 came to me, and said, “Humans consider me a product of mass destruction. Yes, it is really true that I destroy the things which come in my way doesn’t mean I want destruction. This is in my nature, Shubham. But why don’t humans understand that?

I asked, “Can you tell me your real problem?”

It said in a heavy tone, “Humans have lost their abilities to see good sides. Everything has got two sides. Even you have, I have, he has and she has. The knife which is lying on the table does have. It doesn’t matter what sides you have, but which side dominates it matters. Let me tell you something. Let me connect myself to a thing which we don’t want in our lives. That is called PAIN. We are very similar. See, the closer you get to me, slower the time runs. Similarly, the more problems you get, the more they take the time to go away (we feel). Isn’t it true, Shubham?

I said, “Yes. It is.”

Then he said, “It is impossible to sense and see me. Yes. You can’t even see the pain. But humans claim they can feel the pain. Meaningless. They feel the consequences of the pain. Not the real pain. So, you feel the things that you do when you get the pain. Yes. Indeed.

I said, “Even I thought like that. Thanks. You opened my eyes.”

It chuckled and said, “That’s why you are just a human. Ha. Fine. No big deal. One more thing. My brother resides in your galaxy. Its name is Sagittarius A. You know what, it is necessary to have a black hole in every galaxy. We anchor galaxies. Similarly, pain is necessary for your life. It clears out the old negative thoughts and gives you the courage to deal with bigger pains. It develops you. It is the armor. And it is bulletproof.”

I was amazed by the conversation. I had never seen a black hole talking, especially to a human. Ha.

Then he said, “What has happened to you?”

I replied, “Yes. You are true. You are very similar to the pain. Pain has two sides. The most important thing is, what side we choose to focus on. That’s going to do decide, whether it becomes our ally or an enemy. Indeed. Thank you for spending time with me.”

It said, “Silly human, I haven’t spent time with you. You are standing near to me. Time slows down. You are nearly frozen.”

I said, “Ha. I almost forgot that and…”

It interrupted me and said, “You are on the event horizon. No one escapes from here. Not even the light. But this time, I’m sparing you. Live your life. Make correct decisions. And the most important thing is, whatever you do, make sure it will make the world better.”

I didn’t say anything and it went away the way it came from nowhere and left a true message.  Thanks to it.

Live fully.


New Doc 2017-04-08_1


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