A Planet

Once we got a low-intensity signal from a planet which was far far far from our planet. That low-intensity signal really made us explore that part of the galaxy and especially that planet. So, in spite of waiting for correct time, my team decided to step on there. So, we created one wormhole and got into that galaxy. Really, the galaxy was really awesome and it didn’t take much time (obviously) to us to find that planet. Because it was only the planet which had the life. Since it was not even reached type 1 on the Kardashev scale properly and we were in type 5, we transformed ourselves into the master species (ruling species). And we started examining them and that planet.

As the days roll on, we started getting something. We found problems that the planet was facing. From climate change to diseases, from poverty to killing. The master species wasn’t even monitoring the planet. It was like they owe something to that planet.

There was hatred instead of love.

Procrastination instead of punctuality.

Killing instead of healing.

Groups instead of a team.

Stress instead of happiness.

And ambient untidiness.

After our conclusion, we decided to leave that planet ASAP. We rushed into our ship and didn’t take any sample because even a small sample was enough to pollute our whole planet. So, we came back without any sample. Since I was the commander, I found that some multicellular organisms were trying to help the planet. They were trying to change the planet and really wanted to make that planet into a better planet. And I would never forget that. NEVER. At least, they are trying and I truly believe that on my next visit, I will find a changed planet. A good home. Fit for all organisms.

Actually, the sample of our conclusion was this:-

Galaxy:                               Milky way

Star:                                    Sun

Planet:                                Earth

Master species:                 Homo sapiens

These are my words which I’m sending for all humans of that planet. I hope, they understand something.

(ADVICE: Don’t try to find the source of ours. You would never find us. Because you don’t know how to create that gateway. Plus, we do have more advanced weapons than what you have. Thank you.)


New Doc 2017-04-08_1

(Image source)


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