Technology and Us

This is my favorite word, TECHNOLOGY. This is what keeps me awake every time. This is a feeling for me, an obsession and an inspiration. It changes its shape every day. Every day, it shows that we are doing something, something that would make the lives wonderful and comfortable.

But, many people aren’t comfortable with some techs. They believe, some techs would destroy the human race from roots (some of you must be knowing). Fine. Do I really care about this? Shall I stop what I’ve been doing? No. Never. I know. If I believe those techs will reshape the mankind then their opinions are useless for me. Yes, useless. And I’m not against anything. If they have better ideas, then I would be more than happy to hear them.

Once, I happened to meet a wise man who said, “People were against smartphones. They believed that this tech could bring destructions. As the years rolled on, they started using them. Now, most of us possess a smartphone. Right? See, this is the beauty of a good technology. What if, those manufacturers had quit building this? Then, we would never have this thing that we are enjoying today. People will adapt if the technology works well”.          

And this is so true. Really. People will adapt. But, what if it goes out of control? It may. It depends on us. You could us them as weapons or magic sticks.

I say, “Stop worrying about what was there yesterday. Get your butt up and start working on tomorrow. Fine, if the tech fails. Try again. Bring changes. You have potentials to do whatever you want to do”.

Technology serves the mankind.

We are technology.


New Doc 2017-04-08_1

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