If somebody offers you an amazing opportunity but you are not sure you can do it, say yes – then learn how to do it later!

– Richard Branson


It’s so true. Right?

I see people refuse offers, some really good offers many times when they find that they can’t do them. They refuse then they regret. They regret then they lose hopes. Fine. You can’t do all pieces of stuff. That’s quite true. But, how do you know that you can’t do this stuff? How would you check this if you haven’t tried to do that?

We all have responsibilities. Big responsibilities. But, have you ever thought outside those responsibilities? Have you ever imagined the world which is waiting for you to grab opportunities that it possesses?

We are living in a world full of opportunities. Yes. Full of opportunities. We humans, create opportunities. Right? I believe, yes. We do. But how?

That’s pretty simple.

Opportunities come from problems.

Problems come from doing new things.

So, do new things. You will get problems. New problems. Try to solve problems because every trial will help you to make new opportunities. And, the best thing is….


So, seek for new things. Create new things. Solve problems and do what you love.


New Doc 2017-04-08_1

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