Why Did It Happen Again?

You have failed once again. Once again you have found a way which didn’t work. Once again you are broken. You are beaten. Now, what? I know, it’s hard to get yourself up every time when you have been beaten. I know what it takes to get to the top of the mountain…

It’s very hard to wake up every day and start working toward that vision.

It’s hard to see yourself beaten down every time.

It’s very hard to work, even though you know no one is there to help you out.

It’s very hard to believe that no one is there to wipe your tears.

It’s hard to understand that no one is there to pat you.

It’s just…

But creators don’t live down there. They don’t care about all these things. Do they fail? YES!!! They fail and they try again. They fail again then try again. They always start fresh after every failure. It’s not an ability. It is a HABIT. A habit of getting yourself up after every failure.

Do they wake up every day for a better tomorrow?

Yes. They sacrifice their today for people’s better tomorrow.

Do they whine when no one helps them?

No. They don’t allow themselves to do that shit. Yes, it’s quite true that they cry sometimes but they work again.

Do they live in past failures?

Obviously not. They use them as weapons to eliminate the same.


(This one is for you)

Are you a creator or a whiner?



New Doc 2017-04-08_1



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