An Informal Letter To Drudgery

[It Knows My Address]

March 5, 2017

[Failed To Find Address]

Dear Drudgery,

How are you doing? How is everything? But, I don’t care how you are because I hate you. I hide from you when I see you are coming. I ignore you when you scream. I’m afraid of you. I seek for the ways to prepare weapons to demolish you. But still, I can’t win. You always find me. You always make me love you. You always give me new gifts when you come. But I still hate you. I never wish to see you. But you always watch me.

Who are you? Are you a shadow which follows me everywhere? Are you a human or an alien? Where did you come from? 

I hate you because I want to become like you. I run from you because I can’t chase you. I don’t hear you because I feel you. I’m afraid of you because you protect me. You are a watchful protector. A guardian. A silent helper. You don’t want anything in return. You want me to create more. To grow more. To become more valuable.

Because it’s you. With all these feelings, I still believe in you.

Yours very truly,

Shubham Paul


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