Are They Essential?

Are you afraid of changes?

Do changes trouble you?

Will changes be worth?

Trust me, I used to afraid of changes when I was a kid. I thought that it would bring more problems in my life. But as the years went on, life brought me new things which I had never imagined. It still does that. Sometimes bad and sometimes good. It depends on the perspective. I now believe, all changes are good. They have purposes. They matter. Without them, we would never reach the limit. And I love to break limits. Just love that.

What if Apollo 11 had never landed on the moon? Would you really think of going to Mars? Would you really think of seeking for new galaxies? What made the human race to do that? People say that it was the curiosity. I say, “We love to break the limits.” The Activity of breaking the limits ignites the curiosity and curiosity leads us to create more. 

If you really want to go beyond your limits, you must accept the changes. If no change is happening, make the change. If the things around you are not changing, then it is the time to change the whole world (No need to leave this Blue Planet. Still, we are searching for new planets like ours. Once we get them, then you can leave. I would love to go there. Definitely.) Fine.

Let’s shine some light on one more thing. A huge number of people (Racers) died in motor-sports. Should we stop them? Big NO from my side. Because it is the way to break the limits of your vehicle. It is the place where new technologies are tested to their full potential. Without them, you would never get that class and techs that you enjoy every day. Luckily, people know that. Changes must be made so that we can explore the new ambiance around us.

So, don’t be afraid of changes. They are supposed to happen. You can’t control them. What you can control is yourself. Adapt. Praise them. Grow with them. Play with them. Smile at every turning point. Because every turning point brings a new change in your life. Here’s something…

Changes and progress very rarely are gifts from above. They come out of struggles from below.

-Noam Chomsky

Stay cool. Smile big.


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