It’s Your Time

Did you have bad breaks? Did the idea work out? Did you have enough resources?             NO?

Fine. These things are the branches of that tree process. Without them, you will never get to the fullness of your destination. Failure of an action is the inception of a new action. But during the process, you would encounter many things which could make you stronger or put you in the hospital. During some moments, you need to make some crucial decisions which help you to create more.

No matter if you have been beaten 110 times. There is always more to achieve. That 110 failures will help you in the process of turning that vision into reality. You aren’t broken. You are being made, stone by stone. People complain that they didn’t get enough money or there was no one who could help them. It’s okay if there was no help. Get your butt up. Go back and try again. And this time you must put sheer efforts. This time you must take actions that you had missed that time. This time you must take yourself one step closer to turn that vision into reality. Because this is your time. No one’s going to take it. This the time to hone your skills. This is the time to fly with your grown out wings. This is the time when you start growing your business. This is the time to write more, create more, innovate more and give more.

There is nothing like a bad yesterday. Because it was just a yesterday. This is today. Right now. What you do today is going to decide what you are going to do tomorrow. No one is 100% ready. So, start doing it. You will get help and resources like the moon gets the sun. And when you get that ‘SUN’, you will see something mystical. I don’t know about that thing but I believe, you will feel good. Definitely.

 Here’s something for you…

In every success story, you will find someone who has made a courageous decision.

– Peter F. Drucker


New Doc 2017-04-08_1

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