A Crucial Thing

I can still recall those times when I used to make 10 rounds of a football ground. It was a humble beginning. I honestly admit that most of the times I was failed to make and some of the times I was barely succeeded. I wondered why I failed so many times. I realized that it was not 9th or 10th round that made me stop, it was 7th and 8th rounds, that were responsible. They were powerful enough to beat me. I didn’t have a thing when I was making 7th or 8th round. It was will power. If I had made my mind to succeed in those times, then I would have definitely made it. But due to lack of will power, I was failed.

This thing doesn’t always happen in the football ground. It happens on the stage of life. Everyone possesses some sort of skill or skills. But most of us are living without a will. Skill without a will is like a vehicle without an engine. You can develop your skills by years of practice but it is difficult to sustain the willpower inside you. Even if you succeed to sustain it, people are around you to deceive you. Example:

Suppose you are the best sprint runner in your society. No one can beat you. You have practiced a lot and you are practicing. You have that skill and powerful will to win. Now, one day, a person challenges you, who runs faster than you. The moment you see him/her, you will ask yourself, “Can I really beat him/her?” Finish. No point. Lack of will. Just because he/she has beaten others doesn’t mean he/she can beat you. What if you are better than him/her? What if your will is powerful enough to beat him/her this time? But people see the ugly side and get hit.

In short, skill is important. It comes after a hard practice. But will comes during the practice. If you can’t develop that will during the practice, you would never get that level of skill.

Beware of will power. It damages your giving-up skills.


Boost your willpower. Produce more.


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