The Rise of The Fallen

Nothing is going the way I planned.”                                                                                                      “Circumstances are against me.”                                                                                                                                “Problems.”                                                                                                                                                                       “Misery.”                                                                                                                                                                             “Beaten up.”

We often use these words when we face disappointments and setbacks. Most of the times, we want to give up under those moments. We feel that the pain is deteriorating us. Moments are jeopardizing the future. Is this true? Should we find an alternate way to pass through the pain? Should we praise it?

When we encounter such moments, we start doing things which we are not supposed to do. Things like blaming others. We blame others for our condition.  I say, “Whatever you are right now is the result of what you did yesterday.” But no. People are people. They need to blame. Need to complain. Why don’t they stop this and start from fresh?

One more mistake we commit is doubting ourselves. We start doubting our potential, our loved ones, and our work. Just because you are having bad moments doesn’t mean it is the end of your chapter. You are stronger than you think you are. Self-doubt paralyzes you. It perishes your dreams and ultimately your soul. Never let it control your mind and heart. You are the only person who is responsible. Take that responsibility and keep going forward. That pain is not there to stop you. It is there to develop you and to prepare you for bigger problems. Don’t just neglect the pain. Embrace it. Admire the moments. It will definitely teach you a lesson. Learn it and develop it. It’s all about learning and there is always more to learn. I agree pain has a different path to develop you. But it doesn’t have any intentions to take you down. It beats you so that one day you stand up, hold you head high and say. “I made it.” It takes time to rise. But you will rise. Play with pain. Mingle with it. Because you are stronger than your circumstances. 


“Behind every beautiful thing, there’s some kind of pain.”
― Bob Dylan

Have faith.

Have zero self-doubts.

You are going to make it.


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3 thoughts on “The Rise of The Fallen

  1. This struck a chord on me.

    I’ve been blaming the world for my recklessness, only to look at myself and face the truth: it is time to make changes, and I don’t want to do them.

    It’s alright, I believe we all go through the same process. But it is important to be enlightened on that matter every now and then, so we never forget that this reality we live in is shaped by ourselves.

    Thank you for “taking the blue pill” (or was it the red one? I never know hahaha) 😀

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