“I see humans but no humanity.”

– Jason Donohue

We are living in a world, where machines work with us. We create them and they work for us. A pretty simple process. But, do you really think that we are creating machines? Or are we transforming ourselves into machines?

Actually, we are transforming ourselves into machines every day. You wake up, you work and then you come back to home in one piece and fully exhausted. Then, you do the same thing again. It is good if you love your work and family. But what if you don’t love your work? You do the same meaningless work every day and you get decent money which is just sufficient to keep you there. I feel you have become a machine. Congratulations! A machine which follows instructions, which takes orders not pieces of advice, which works (blindly) not learns and the most important thing is, you’ve become a machine which has a heart and a brain but doesn’t have feelings and thinking.

Look around yourself. Look at yourself. What is the difference between you and the refrigerator? At least, the refrigerator has better efficiency than you. I just want to say, don’t be the refrigerator. Understand your motives. Start living a happy life instead of celebrating pity parties daily. Because machines don’t have motives. But humans do. We create happiness. We create them for us but they can’t do the opposite because we are humans.

Spread humanity.


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4 thoughts on “Machines or Humans

  1. Recently, I was faced with a decision that awakened my humanity once again, after being a machine for some time.
    But, I believe life has its seasons, and I will eventually become a machine again. Whenever that happens, I hope that I remember these words. Thank you for the reminder 🙂

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