“True friends are like diamonds,
Precious and rare,
Fake friends are like autumn leaves,
Found everywhere.”

– Ari Joseph

When I had heard this quote, I had not got the meaning because I was a kid (a stupid kid). I’ve talked to many people. I’ve played with many people. They were my friends. I was so crazy about making new friends. Wherever I went, I was just making friends without knowing the true meaning. Trust me, I’ve done many stupid things in my life. Many negative things which I wasn’t supposed to do. After all of these, I started thinking about a deep characteristic of mine. That characteristic was drowning me. It was spoiling me from inside. It was tearing me apart. Then one side of mine popped out and whispered, “You are a kind of person who is easily distracted by distractions. Kill you distractions. Now, it’s your job to find the distractions and eliminate them.”

I concluded and said to me, “My atmosphere matters. An atmosphere which is full of people. People who are my friends. Ha. I got it.” After that, it became clear that I was responsible for myself. And I started eliminating the distractions (negative and fake friends). I’m not going to say the way to deal with those sort of friends because everybody works differently. We have our own ways. Find that way and implement it, if you really need a change around yourself.

During the struggle, I realized something about friendship. Now, I have the nerve to say that a true friend is the one, who pushes you. A person who admires your actions and words. When you look at that person, you see yourself. A person who teaches you. A person who gives you bits of advice, not orders. A person who motivates you and admits the mistakes. I agree that this world is full of negative people. But trust me, there are good people living in this world. They are also seeking for other good people. Find them, praise them and share your thoughts with them. And I assure you, you will never need to worry about your atmosphere because I believe, the atmosphere is made by good people, not by them.

You are an iron which must be sharpened. And it can only be sharpened by rubbing it up against another iron. People are there to help you. Have faith.


New Doc 2017-04-08_1

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