It’s Watching You…

I want you to take a pause right now and look at your deeds you have done. Look at your financial status and relationships. What is the easiest thing have you ever done? Before getting into this, let’s talk about something precious.

Money is precious. You can make money. You can spend money on materialistic things, could be useful or useless, it’s up to you. You can grow trees, it’s a good thing, do it. But the only thing that you can’t do these things with is TIME. You can’t create time, you can only spend time.You can make money but can’t make time. You can gain things but still, you can’t do this with time. We all know that very well because we’ve been doing this since we were born. We have an ultimate power to create. We can create happiness around us, machines that help us to accomplish tasks. But, we do have the power to destroy all of these. We can transform love into hate, happiness into misery, richness into poverty, etc. But in the case of time, we can only kill it, can’t rebuild it.

Now, as you know that you can only spend time. So, spend it on purposeful activities. How you spend your time, defines your character. Look at yourself. How many times have you failed in your life? And the most important thing is, how much time have you spent to celebrate that pity party? Here’s something,

There is never enough time to do everything, but there is always enough time to do the most important thing.
-Brian Tracy
                                                            PEOPLE’S QUESTION
How do I manage time? So, it comes to time management. I believe, there is nothing like time management. Anybody can manage time. Billion dollars question, HOW?
Just allocate more time on yourself. Since you know that you can only spend time, there is no harm in spending the time on yourself. Do what you love. Then you would never need to worry about the time management. That’s how I do.
                                                          WHAT MOST OF THEM DO
But, most of them don’t realize the power of time. Because they have never felt the thunder of time(I’ve felt and it was horrible). Okay, let’s stick to the point. They spend most of theirs time in random and wasteful “FANCY” activities. They do what they don’t need to do because they feel that they have time to do. They feel. Ha. Do they really feel? Not sure. They kill the time every day. They think that they are making good use of time(I’m not going to say about any deeds, we all know that). But they are not. They talk about goals but they don’t allocate more time on their goals. Then, what is the purpose of setting goals if you don’t work with time?  I was just going through a video and I heard this which really made me think. It is said, “Every day you waste, results in one less day to make your dreams happen.”
So, redefine your routine. Spend it wisely. Because you think that you are killing the time. Actually speaking, the time is killing you. Don’t kill it.
And of course, the easiest thing I’ve ever done is wasting my time.
Be phenomenal.
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2 thoughts on “It’s Watching You…

  1. Excellent article! I recently saw a TED Talk about Time Management, and the speaker mentioned that although she is called a “Time Management Expert” she does not have any time management tip or trick for people; she puts it this way:

    “You say you don’t have time during the week. But imagine your basement got flooded tonight. You would make time for it, regardless of “how busy” you think you are.

    If you want to get things done, you have to prioritize everything as if it was your basement, getting flooded tonight.”


    1. I totally get it. Actually, I was about to write on “PRIORITIES”, but I took this out. And this the thing that we need to understand. You can’t wait for the flood. Make the basement already according to it. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Live fully.


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