It’s Watching You…

2 thoughts on “It’s Watching You…”

  1. Excellent article! I recently saw a TED Talk about Time Management, and the speaker mentioned that although she is called a “Time Management Expert” she does not have any time management tip or trick for people; she puts it this way:

    “You say you don’t have time during the week. But imagine your basement got flooded tonight. You would make time for it, regardless of “how busy” you think you are.

    If you want to get things done, you have to prioritize everything as if it was your basement, getting flooded tonight.”


  2. I totally get it. Actually, I was about to write on “PRIORITIES”, but I took this out. And this the thing that we need to understand. You can’t wait for the flood. Make the basement already according to it. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Live fully.


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