Let The People Say

Most of the times, we channel ourselves according to what people think about us. This act of foolishness starts from the schools. People are busy sending their kids to schools and forcing them to remember facts, figures or dates so that they can get a stable job which precisely opposes the lessons you learned because… Continue reading Let The People Say


The Biggest Lie

How are you? I'm really fine. So, when are you planning to stop doing that? You actually can't. That question comes from nowhere every time, and you have to answer in order to hide your pain. You put on a cloak of smile when you reply to it. You can't stop that because not every… Continue reading The Biggest Lie


A Truthful Feeling

A baby never counts how many times he/she fails to walk. And parents feel proud when he/she falls down and do capture those moments of eternal joy. Actually, the baby is you right now. And parents are the society. You fail and that's natural. And the society should take care of your failures and should… Continue reading A Truthful Feeling


Seek Opportunities

Human minds are naturally trained to seek things which are safe, easy to acquire, and profitable. And let me guess, I don't believe we need these things to achieve the unachievable.  People who did things which you admire were not safe. Those things once seemed unachievable and they sacrificed things for that one thing which… Continue reading Seek Opportunities


The Age of Making Mistakes

"I would like to share a 'sinful' story of mine. My heart was a shit many years ago..." It was my first day in a new school where everything was unfamiliar. I got admitted into 1st standard and everyone was alien to me. Even those grown-ups (teachers). Nobody talked to me. Actually, I didn't talk… Continue reading The Age of Making Mistakes


The Secret

There are lots of people who want to achieve what they want to because it gives happiness. Cool. But no one wants to go for those things. And for those people, success just becomes a material. They want to feel it as if it is a precious stone. They want the scent of it as… Continue reading The Secret


Stupidity is Infinite

This is a world where people show their concern when they lose something. A lady who had a beautiful diamond ring never valued its true price and when it is lost, she cries. Nobody had time to read theories of Prof. Stephen Hawkings but when he died, the social network was full of contents based… Continue reading Stupidity is Infinite


Who Am I? None of Your Business

Are you alone and seek who you truly are? Yes? Then you are doing shit. There is no way to find who you were and who you are going to be. Because whoever shit you were, you can't change it and whoever shit you are going to be, you can't control it. Mankind has this beautiful… Continue reading Who Am I? None of Your Business


The Lion’s Attitude

An animal which is not the tallest in the jungle, not the fastest, not the strongest, not the smartest, not the heaviest, but still everyone runs from it. It is the lion. The king of the jungle. Let's apply all those characteristics on a kid. A kid who is not the tallest in his class, not… Continue reading The Lion’s Attitude


Sacrifice: A Necessary Evil

And this is what most people fear. They are afraid of it. They don't want it in their lives. They want to avoid it. They want to kill it. Everyone wants a corruption-free society but nobody wants to sacrifice their time to make it better. People want an average life to fill their stomach and buy… Continue reading Sacrifice: A Necessary Evil